I recently stumbled upon a company called PANYL, and was so excited about what they offer, I had to share it with you! (I’m not even being compensated for this post, just helping spread the word.) PANYL is in the business of beautifully mashing up two of my most favorite things – makeovers and IKEA. In a nutshell, they offer architectural-grade adhesive ‘panels’ to customize the simple surfaces of IKEA furniture.

You probably know that I’ve been going steady with IKEA for a long time. I’ve had nothing but happy experiences with their furniture and I think it’s exceptionally good quality for the price you pay.  Only bummer is, they don’t offer much variation.  For example, this here is the SVEIO dresser, and it comes in one color: white. 

But with PANYL, your options are practically limitless.

They have so many fun colors and patterns that you can mix-and-match,
but my favorite are the wood grains:

Aren’t they pretty? I love this look. And such an easy way to upgrade! 
Anyway, it’s just a really cool product that I was excited about and wanted to share with you! I plan to try it out myself soon, and will definitely let you know how that goes. Maybe a giveaway or something in the future! You can check out the rest of the SVEIO options here, or see all of the IKEA furniture available for PANYLfication right here

Have a great weekend friend!

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  1. OMG that is the coolest thing I have ever seen. And to think that I have an ikea trip already planned for tomorrow to buy a new Malm dresser – which it looks like they have panyl for too! Oh happy day!

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