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Living room, schmiving room.  Are you skydiving in there?  Are you hosting dance parties? Are you meeting new people and trying new foods and having zany fun adventures?  No!  So why pretend that any sort of living is going on in the living room?  Why not convert it into an office, which A) you will probably use way more anyway, and B) makes no pretenses. An office is an office. Everyone knows what happens in an office. Bidness.

Checkout Brooke’s empty front room turned office-center-of-serious-productiveness right now, with an added bonus of an adjacent foyer makeover. Note the planked wall, my favorite!  Much more to see on her blog Start At Home.

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  1. Wow!!!!! That is something you do not see everyday, a office in the front entrance. That planked wall has me swooning!!!

  2. I’m with Shannon! WOW!

    Absolutely perfect.

    Jake’s a Girl

  3. ooh, love this office. The colors got so perfectly together. I love all the decorations, even though there’s a lot, the room is still big and spacious.


  4. I’m a firm believer in using rooms the way you want and not being restricted to their intended use. My sister has a pool table in her living room and a sofa, TV, and video games in her dining room. She does her “living” in the family room, and her “dining” in the kitchen.

  5. Now THAT’S a makeover.

  6. Looks so much more inviting and up to date. Great job!

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  8. loooove those floors!!

  9. Wowzers!!

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