Dezign With a Z

Dezign With a Z
Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside-down.  Wait.  That’s actually not this story at all.  This is a story all about how your life is about to get flipped, especially if you are on the lookout for some great wall decor.  It’s going to flip your mind!  Nobody says that.  But anyway.  Here’s the point: Have your heard of Dezign with a Z?  If not, I think you are going to love them.
They are purveyors of high-quality vinyl art for your walls, but stop right there.  It’s more than that.  This vinyl will actually DO things!  Things like hold your coats, tell the time, and glow in the dark.

Fun!  So many, many great designs, uh, dezigns, and almost all of them are customizable from the size, to the color, even to the orientation.

They were kind enough to offer me the All In One Whiteboard Coat Rack Mirror to review, and I was thrilled.  A mirror?  Plus a whiteboard?  Plus a coat rack? This vinyl decal couldn’t work any harder for me unless it knew how to unload the dishwasher.
(Admittedly, I photoshopped in the “Karate” part.  I recently discovered that all of my dry erase markers are lidless and dried out, gee I don’t know who
could have done that.)

I couldn’t believe the size of this thing – 55″x35″— but it also comes in smaller sizes too.  It comes in 24 colors, but I chose black because I’m boring it matched my black garage door.  Everything you need is included: coat hooks, screws, even a little squeegee thing to help apply it to the wall.  The mirror is a super lightweight acrylic, so there is no danger of it leaping off the wall to an untimely death. In fact, all you need to hang it is sticky tape (also included).

Here’s my advice: get someone to HELP YOU.  These decals are not small. I tried to do the first half by myself and ended up with a few wrinkles, but they really aren’t too noticeable.  As I wrestled with it before I finally gave in and called for back up, I was worried that it was going to rip or tear. Nope!  It held strong. It’s really a sturdy, high-quality vinyl, and I am happy to recommend this product to you.

So, check out Dezign with a Z for tonnnns more decor options, from wall-sized murals to children’s growth-charts, even custom business decals for your car or office.  And here’s a nice little bonus: Better After readers can save 10% on your entire order with the code YAY10.   Yay! 

Have a great weekend friends!
This post was sponsored by Dezign with a Z, all opinions are 100% my own.

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