Who’s The Boss?

Your house is not the boss of you! Just because there’s a big wad of cable and power outlets on one wall does not mean you have to put your TV right there.  Heck, Rita at Suburbs Mama didn’t put hers anywhere.  She swapped out her set entirely and replaced it with the colorfully cozy scene you see before you.

I love the extra high gallery wall too.  Genius, because A: nobody is going to smack their head on it when they sit on the sofa, and B: kids won’t be knocking stuff down left and right, like the poor battered gallery wall next to my stairs. I just threw away a frame that took a fatal fall this very morning. Seriously considering using some industrial strength Velcro on that thing, or just forbidding everyone from going upstairs ever again.

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  1. I just love what you’ve done! I love the colours, and the style! It looks amazing what a transformation!

  2. Beautiful transformation!

  3. so much awesomeness going on I dont even know where to begin

  4. yep I so agree….we put the tv WHERE we want…and much happier….then we did this and some will say crazy. The house is a door then closet then a little wall then double window then corner wall and window and then little wall and fireplace then lil wall and window then bigger wall and corner and sliding door and then opening to Kithchen and then hallway and then slant wall with stairs…you have gone around the house How to you place furniture….We coverred fireplace and now have a wonderful sectional and room for people to sit with out moving stuff around…

  5. So much better and the bright warm colors were very needed.

  6. Too funny. I can’t for the life of me figure out why my kids must always touch the walls and things on the walls as they move through the house …

    I’ve been admiring that high on the wall gallery wall idea too …

    🙂 Linda

  7. so I love the house redo.. so awesome magazine worthy. Great job

  8. so I love the house redo.. so awesome magazine worthy. Great job

  9. I LOVE how they transformed the room! I want to copy and paste it into my living room!

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