Wash, Rinse, Wow!

I don’t know who was in charge of this dumb idea, but most of the homes around here, especially one-story homes, are entered through the laundry room.  (Assuming you typically come inside from the garage, not the front door.)  So chances are, the first and last thing you see when coming or going is a sad, sad pile of dirty laundry. And should you ever happen to bring a guest home with you, you will quickly shove them through without turning on the lights and pray that nothing smells too funky, or make them go around to the front door.  Not the most welcoming of welcomes.

But Nancy wasn’t about to have any of that.  Her laundry room makeover is so lovely, she probably hosts dinner parties in there. I feel like I need to make up a new word for ‘laundry room’ just to describe it. Did you notice the jute and nailhead edge treatment?  So cool! Check it out on her blog Powell Brower Home.

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  1. This space is absolutely amazing. I love the colors and textures. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  2. Even funky smelling socks would be overlooked in this gorgeous space!

  3. She’s done an awesome job!

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  5. Love the makeover! Love the rug too.

  6. The room is great, but that rug makes it. Love it!

  7. The trim is what stood out and caught my eye. What a clever idea. I may have to steal it.

  8. The makeover is fabulous, but honestly, I would think I’d died and gone to heaven if my laundry room even looked like the before picture. 😉

  9. Okay, I do love it. But can I share my total geek moment with you? When I spotted a sliver of that cow print, I got so excited. Because I’ve been coveting that very same cow art. And just recently found one to call my very own! Now if I just had a fabulous laundry room to hang it in …

    🙂 Linda

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