Prudent with Pennies in the Privy

Prudent with Pennies in the Privy

Tiny budget + 20-year-old bathroom = lame-o makeover?  Incorrect! You CAN make a big change with chump change, as Jen, aka Girl In The Garage proves here with her makeover of a friend’s bathroom.  See, this friend had redone every other space in the house, and the bathroom was the final frontier.  Of course, the budget was pretty much gone by then, so the challenge was to find low-cost solutions that would actually make a difference and not be like, “Something’s different in here … did you get new hand towels?”

So, they repainted the vanity and found a granite countertop for cheap because it was a discontinued style …

The original flooring was replaced with in-stock tile and the baseboards were removed and reused…

And for the final touches, Jen whipped up a custom shower curtain out of a drop-cloth and fabric, and used the leftover fabric to make art for the walls!  See it on her blog Girl In The Garage.

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  1. April 12, 2013 / 2:30 AM

    Jen, this makeover is awesome and love what you did with the stock items and especially the shower curtain! Great work and makeover!

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