Great Lengths

Kimberly had a ridiculously lengthy living room to contend with here. She described it as having “the shape and charm of an empty shoe box.” If I was in charge of decorating this thing, I probably would have googled “Where to buy a really, really long sofa” and left it at that. Luckily, I wasn’t in charge. Kimberly, who knows what the heck she’s doing, gave it some much needed functionality and style by splitting it into two separate spaces and piling on the color and charm.  So great!

See more on her blog  The Green Room Interiors.

And the other side, an impromptu library/sitting area.

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  1. The after is gorgeous, love the light airy feeling.

  2. Very well done!

  3. Love!!! Great taste and excellent job making a shoebox into a beautiful area in which to live. 🙂

  4. So ironic, I just found her blog this morning from the green coffee table(asian style) makeover she did for that same space. Love seeing the room as a whole!

  5. Lindsey, thanks for featuring my family room makeover! It was a fun project for me and I’m so happy I finally got it done!

  6. Great eye! What a beautiful space…

  7. Of course, split it into two different zones 😉 Love it! I’m new to your blog, love that too! Tara

  8. I’m with you, Lindsey. I probably would’ve turned it into a bowling alley … or shuffle board. Just love her style. And wishing I had an ounce of it …

    🙂 Linda

  9. We have a big living room too, and I turned it into 1/2 TV area, 1/2 office area with a desk and bookshelves. It works well. 🙂

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