We’ve thrifted apart.

You may remember Abby and her formerly haunted entryway.  Today, we’re going to take a peek at her formerly boring bathroom!  It’s a simple makeover, no walls were torn down or quintuple-nozzle-glass-enclosed-shower-from-space installed. But what I love most about this makeover is that almost every item in there is thrifted, second-hand, or repurposed from something else. Abby says this represents a lot of growth from her former self – a person who would never set foot in a thrift-store, or do something as crazy as placing a kitchen rug in the *gasp* bathroom!  Welcome to the dark side, Abby!

See her sweet post on her blog Morning by Morning Productions.

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  1. Gorgeous! Love the title!!!!

  2. Wow! What a difference a little updated decor can do! Looks great! : )


  3. This bathroom definitely has it “goin’ on”. Gorgeous!

  4. What an amazing job Abby! Welcome to the dark side….we have cookies 🙂


  6. Very inspiring! I’ve been trying to get into thrift store shopping myself – I love the idea, but sometimes the stores just leave me feeling icky :-S

  7. Forget the thrift shop finds, that is a fantastic makeover.
    I myself made a mirror out of a picture frame for one of my bathrooms.

  8. Thanks for the feature! I would never have “met the dark side” had it not been for your blog! =))

  9. That’s funny, cause I think the rugs in my kitchen were intended for the bathroom! (Don’t worry. They were never used in THERE.)

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