Into Orbit

Into Orbit

Orbs.  Who doesn’t like orbs?  I’m talking about orbs in decor, not orbs that appear in photographs. Those orbs are supposedly departed spirits lurking around the atmosphere and photobombing your pictures.  Just do a google image search of ‘orbs’ if you don’t believe me. Spoooky. 

But, we aren’t even talking about those orbs.  We’re talking about THESE orbs, specifically this orb chandelier that Emily made by fixing up a formerly boring light fixture with barrel rings, spray paint, and rope.  Very Restoration Hardware-y.  It reminds me of these embroidery hoop orbs that I made last year and still love. Now I want to orb up everything!  Just need to find some barrel rings …

See more on her blog Emily’s Up-Cycled Furniture.

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  1. March 26, 2013 / 9:55 PM

    That is stinking awesome!

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