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I was recently invited by one of my favorite decor destinations, the fabulous Fab, to share a few of my top picks from their site. So I thought, “Hey! This would be a great time to figure out some inspiration for Blake’s room!”  As you may know, I am in the process of making over my oldest son’s bedroom.  Actually, it’s not a makeover, just a “make,” because it didn’t even exist a few months ago.  My dad enclosed our old loft to make a new bedroom, so we are basically starting from scratch in there.

I haven’t done much yet, but I have pulled together a color palette we both agree on, and a ‘rustic/industrial/modern juxtaposition vibe’ that I agree on and he … will understand someday.  Eleven-year-old boys, sheesh.

Oh, the fun I had perusing all of Fab‘s offerings; everything is so unique and whimsical.  I can’t wait to share!

Clearly we’re going with orange, green, and charcoal, which is totally manly and yet boyishly fun, don’t you think?  Man, I love all of these things so much I wish I could just reach into the computer ala WonkaVision and have his room done today.  That would throw his younger brother into a hysterical fit. He’s very concerned that his room is not getting enough attention since we’ve been working on Blake’s room lately. So I made him a couple throw pillow out of some old curtains the other day, and you’ve never seen a six-year-old boy so excited about throw pillows. Hmmm, maybe HE should be in charge of this project.


Stay tuned, I hope to have more of Blake’s room ready to share soon!  And please check out Fab for great deals on oodles and boodles of home decor and more.  Have a great weekend friend.

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  1. I love the stuff on Fab.com but MAN is it expensive!! wayyyy out of my price range! wish it wasn’t though!

  2. I can’t wait to see the room!! I’d love to see the pillows too 🙂

  3. Yeah, some things are waaay out of my budget too, but they actually do have a lot of smokin’ deals too. The fun is in the hung!

  4. Oh gosh, that was supposed to say HUNT!

  5. Hahahhaah Fun is in the hung!? I about died laughing

  6. WOW you can get that dog bank at Target for 19.99 I think it is maybe not even that much.

  7. Today’s show was brought to you be the number 9 and the letter B. I want that light up number 9 though. I would treasure it forever and love it and then it and me would run down the beach together arm in arm while the wind tossed our hair.

  8. I love FAB!!! Good for you!!!!! You kill me!!!

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