Do The Shuffle: A Stereo Cabinet’s Story

Poor old stereo cabinet.  It appears to have gotten in a fight and lost. Wires dangling, drawer agape, it even looks like it has a black eye.  “I’ll show you, you new-fangled iPod and your un-earthy capacity for storing music!  Get back here you son-of-a-whippersnapper, and fight like a man!  A … very old man!”

OK, so maybe he took a beating from the digital music age, but the old bloke proves he’s still as relevant as ever. Now he’s proudly serving as a flat-screen TV stand for Better After reader Lesli, who took him in and nursed him back to health. (And I wouldn’t be surprised to find an iPod or two inside those nice deep drawers). 

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  1. Oh My! I love that little cabinet.

  2. Oh I just LOVE this. Can spring please come so that I can get out and paint? 20 degrees on March 25th is just not my idea of ideal painting weather!

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  4. Argh! I used to have one of these, (in the *before* state), but my husband made me give it away. Now I REALLY want it back! Shhh…don’t tell hubby I’m looking for a new one!

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  6. Bravo! Or Showtime! Or Lifetime! Anyway you say it, this is a star of a project! I’m so glad that you decided to share it with the ‘Better After’ audience!

  7. I’ve been anxiously awaiting painting and sanding weather too!

  8. Loved this makeover…..the inlaid black and white print was a great idea.

  9. Thats great and I love the inlaid doors.

  10. I think I’m in love. Amazing!

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