Clocking In

What time is it?  Well, if your clock looks anything like this circa 1992 version, it might be time to get a new one.  But don’t be silly.  Why get a new one when you can make it over instead?  Stephanie took her outdated clock and popped out the old clock face, then printed a new one of her own design on brown cardstock.  Easy!  Then she razored off the hearts and vines and painted the whole shadoodle, and now she has a clock that will keep on ticking for years to come.

Check it out on her blog  The Hardscrabble Home.

And Better After reader Angela thought her little clock could use more color, so she went ahead and added some.  Now it looks perfect for a kid’s room, or even a classroom, especially if you were teaching kids how to tell time. It’s hard enough to learn how to do that when you can actually see the numbers. Not like I’m scarred from that incident in fourth grade when Mr. Curry cruelly mocked me and my inability to tell time in front of the whole class and I wanted to die, and it turned out I needed glasses, but how was I supposed to know that, and that guy was a jerk, or anything.  Yeah.

Anyway, cute clock Angela!

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  1. Hey Lindsey! Just wanted to drop and say Hello! I hope to meet you at Snap! I love the before and after themes!

  2. Love the black clock. Something I would have never thought of doing but it looks great!

  3. Hi, Nice to read such one.Great work!! Please keep on doing!!!

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  4. Love the black clock too!

  5. Love the colored number clock! So fun!

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