All Tiled Up

Go big or go home, and if you’re already home … see option one. That’s what Chelsey decided for her kitchen makeover when she created a tile backsplash that extended all the way up her walls, around the corner and across an archway into the other room. Imagine if she had only tiled the space in between the cabinets and the counter.  Big whoop.  Her kitchen isn’t huge, which means there is no room to be underwhelming!  She made an impact; she added height and depth, and I dig it immensely.

See all the details of her kitchen makeover on her blog Things To Be Stroud Of.


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  1. Wow! That looks fabulous!

  2. That’s pretty impressive!

  3. So pretty!

    P.S… I was in somebody’s house the other day, and they had those big letters ‘EAT’ on top of their cabinets. But because you couldn’t see the very bottom of the letters, it looked like it said ‘FAT’. Which seemed fitting for a kitchen as well.

  4. Whodathunkit?! Looks fabulous!

  5. Beautiful kitchen. Great job. Blessings,Becky

  6. Wow! That is fabulous!

    LOL @Beth!

  7. I love the tile!!! It makes her counters pop too. The white cabinets are great as well. Fab job.

  8. That looks beautiful! All I can think of is how much work that must have been. Well worth the effort though. Great job!

  9. Amazing!!! just, wow!!! I always wonder how hard tiling is. From the way hgtv makes It look, you just slap on the adhesive (or whatever it is) and put the tiles down. Seems prettt simple….but is it?

  10. Wow. That is wonderful.

  11. Wow. That is wonderful.

  12. That is super pretty and unexpected – I would love that in a bathroom.

    It works well though – I love how light it is.

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