The Mama Cave

If only there was a thought bubble above Eden’s husband in this before picture.  What do you suppose he is thinking?   “Is there still time to back out?”  “I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure this carpet came from Chuck E. Cheese.”  “Gosh, those clouds on the ceiling look so real.  On Opposite Day.

Turns out he was thinking “I love my wife sooo much that I am going to turn this clown boudoir into the closet of her dreams! And truthfully, she needs it, because she’s kind of a shoe hoarder, but even more truthfully, I enable her so it’s OK, and gosh darn it, she deserves it.  Also, it has no closet and it’s right off the master bedroom, so it’s perfect!  Squeeaal!”  I’m paraphrasing here.  But it went something like that.

Check out Eden’s blog DIYHer for a lot more pictures of her “Mama Cave”, and prepare to be jealous.  It’s like a department store in there!

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  1. Not. Fair.

  2. I am absolutely speechless! What a wonderful space, I am so jealous!!!

  3. That before ranks right up there with the all time worst befores ever. The after is amazing.

  4. that before is like a kids place skating rink style with the carpet up the sides of the walls. WOWZA. The after blows me away too I have 6 pairs of shoes haha

  5. O…M….G. The carpet is on the wall. In a house. And it’s awful. Wow. Wonderful re-do!

  6. Both the before and the after left me speechless.

  7. Love! That’s all

  8. I showed this to my husband..telling him ‘ look at all the shoes I don’t have!’ And his reply was ‘she’s only got 2 feet!’ I am doomed!

  9. Holy cow! I can’t believe the before OR the after! Wow. Who decorated the before??? I’ll bet the poor child who inhabited that room had difficulty sleeping. It looks great now. And I loved your hilarious writing too. You made me LOL!

    Warmly, Michelle
    Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

  10. I. die.

    And that “before” is downright scary!

  11. Holy Hannah!! I have seen boutiques smaller than that closet! Really! And the shoes!!!! Oh my word! What bliss…. and what a guy to do all that for her. Lucky lady

  12. oh my gosh – what a difference! that before was nuts and that after is awesome!!

  13. THAT MAN……should be encased in bronze 🙂 What a husband…lol

  14. Wow. Seriously, what normal person has so much stuff they need to build a room to closet it? And if they do, why??? I have a tiny 4×5 walk in and it’s more than I can keep up with! (And afford!)

  15. SWEET mother of mercy, that Before is THE STUFF OF NIGHTMARES. Kudos to them just for eradicating the Before, let alone making a pretty After.

  16. This normal person could fill that room….at least with clothes,I love shoes and I have quite a ‘collection’ but nothing like that :(. It just proves that I need to work harder! MUAHAHAHA.

    So this guy wins the gold, just sayin’.

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