Secrets of a Happy Ombre

Pop Quiz:  Name three things that make you happy.  

Did you say before and afters, the color yellow, and smiles?  If so, you will be overjoyed with this dresser from Mollie at Mollie D, because it is all of those things.  A fabulous ombre makeover in cheerful tones of yellow on a dresser with upturned drawers that appear to be smiling.  It’s like a hug for your eyes! 

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  1. sweet. i do so like a cheerful dresser.

  2. Score! Those ARE three things that make me happy. =o)

  3. Just have to say that the Title made me laugh out loud!! PERFECT!

  4. Looks nice and I really like yellow and gray together!

  5. Now THAT’s a classy ombre!

  6. Bright and cheery to wake up to! AM&PM

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