School, dude.

Better After reader Jane wins Aunt of the Year for buying this $35 Craigslist desk for her nephews. But buying it wasn’t all she did, silly goose.  First she had to scrape away the rust that was eating through its sloppy gold spray paint job and sand away the declarations of love carved into the desktop.  Then she repainted the base, stained the seat, and used chalkboard paint on the top for extra fun.  Her nephews love it so much, she’d better keep an eye out for another one.

And Kelly at A Swell Place To Dwell also fixed up a sweet little desk she found on Kijiji for $15. She painted to match furniture she already had, so it blended in nicely with the decor and wasn’t all like “YO, THERE’S A HOT PINK KID TABLE OVER HERE!!!”  But she also added plenty of charming little touches, like the fabric which you’ll have to pop over to her blog to see more clearly, as well as the chalkboard labeled storage rack on the other side.  Mucho cute.

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  1. Thank you for the feature and the kind words!

  2. Thanks for featuring me as well! I love the other desk with the fabric on it too!

  3. Finally…someone used chalkboard paint in a chalkboard appropriate place. Thank you for not making me cringe at the thought of chalk dust on my dishes or near my food! Beautiful job ladies!

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