Manning Up

If you asked me how to boyify this little white dresser, I might suggest painting it and switching out the knobs for something more masculine. If you asked Catherine at Freddy & Petunia, she’d not only paint it, replace the knobs (including one as a Chevrolet emblem), she’d frankenfurniture a custom hutch on a custom top, line it with rope lights, birch bark wallpaper, and raw wood shelves, for a dresser that oozes so much testosterone, I’m tempted to flirt with it.  Amazing.

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  1. Wow! What a change, this is stunning

    ~ Jamie-Leigh

  2. Lindsey–what a surprise to find my project featured! Love your description~gave me a good laugh. Maybe I need you to write my posts!
    You’re always so generous with the kudos~Thank You SO much!

  3. I love this one! Definitely male-worthy

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