I’m Totally Pinning This

Ronda was psyched to buy this painting from the thrift-store.  It was going to make a fabulous addition to her Castles On The Sea series that she had spent her whole life collecting.  So, that’s a lie.  She just liked the frame. 

It had a little damage where the filigree had busted off, but she repaired that with a bit of spackling compound.  Then she painted and glazed it, popped in some cork covered with a piece of a curtain from Target, and turned it into the classiest pinboard I’ve ever seen.  See the whole story on her blog Batchelor’s Way.

But Ronda wasn’t done yet.  She took her gray and silver inspiration straight up and gave her ceiling fan a makeover too. And not just any makeover, a stenciled makeover.  But before you start worrying about the state of Ronda’s neck and back or attempt to do this yourself, please note that she removed the fan blades first! See more here

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  1. Just gorgeous – now I need a pin board –

  2. love the pin board, that filigree frame is the best part of it. Great work!

  3. I love the pinboard, but the fan, that turned out so awesome. Many of us have ugly ceiling fans, that’s a great way to make them look so much better!

    I love your blog you have me drooling at every project. Maybe someday I can make a submission. I have a couple of projects in mind…

  4. I’m in love with that pin board! Amazing!!



  6. Cool, and I need to do the same with my ceiling fan.


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