Fearlessly Fulgent

A wise man once said, “Go big or go home.”  Actually, that was probably just a No Fear t-shirt. Remember when No Fear was the coolest brand, like, ever?  Maybe that was only at my high school …  Anyway, back then I had a No Fear sweatshirt, but I thought I was so clever by unstitching the embroidery on the F, so my shirt just said ‘No ear.’  Sigh. That girl needed a hobby.

Anyway, what on earth were we talking about.  Yes, going big or going home.  Or, in today’s case, going bright and staying home!  Check out these eye-popping makeovers that add a hearty gut-punch of color to their respective owner’s homes.

This first chartreuse lovely comes from Statia at Failure to Nap. Check out the whole story on her blog as to how she came to obtain what she calls “The Murder Dresser” and how it was formerly painted the color Ugly. It’s hilarious.

And if your eyeballs would love to fondle some fuchsia, then observe this flagrantly fabulous dresser from Sarah at Funcycled. That girl never quits! She’s certifiably amazing.



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  1. I think the “no ear” sweatshirt is hilarious. That is all.

  2. Another great post. Umm, no ear? Girl, you’re bent.

  3. I love ’em both. But I want to point out the trend of the last several years to post pictures of such furniture in their natural habitat in the wild. I wonder who started that. Here’s a glorious dresser set. Let’s go put it in the back yard and take a picture for posterity sake. 🙂

  4. Wow, Statia’s transformation of that new green & white dresser is amazing. I can’t believe how unwelcoming it was before. Love it’s new do. Good job!

  5. I’m new but both pieces are awesome and so is your sense of humor. I’m gonna love visiting your blog!

  6. Thanks for sharing these!! I had a good laugh over the murder dresser story. lol Love it by the way. 😉 Oh, and Amie, to answer your questions. I take pictures outside because my house is tiny and there’s no good place to take any pictures inside. Not to mention, it’s just prettier out there. 🙂 lol

  7. My brother actually got me a t-shirt of Picasso’s self portrait that said, “No Ear” on it.

  8. My brother actually got me a t-shirt of Picasso’s self portrait that said, “No Ear” on it.

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