A Piece of Denise

Picture this: if Martha Stewart was trapped inside the body of a leggy blonde ballerina and always dressed so cute that you wanted to punch your own closet in the face, that person would be my friend Denise.  (I secretly hate her, of course).  Kidding, I don’t hate her at all, because not only is she super talented and crafty, she’s genuinely just an awesome person.  It’s a fact.

She recently redid the majority of her home, which you can check out on her blog Mariner Crew, but here I’m going to share her foyer makeover, which is my favorite, because it includes her dresser makeover, which is also my favorite.  Sheesh Denise, way to hog all the awesome!

The dresser was a Craigslist find, and while certainly not in terrible shape, it wouldn’t have looked nearly as great against her neutral wall as-is.  Or as-was.  You know what I mean.  Let me tell you, it’s beautiful in person.  (I maybe have rubbed my cheek against it when she wasn’t looking. Shhh.) See more on Denise’s dresser HERE.

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  1. Gorgeous dresser overhaul! I am so jealous of a “foyer” you don’t have to have guests file into single-file style 😉

  2. Love it! Great find and rehab! Is it weird that the shape of it reminds me of the wardrobe from Beauty and the Beast? https://www.google.com/search?q=wardrobe+beauty+and+the+beast&hl=en&client=safari&tbo=u&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ei=I-LtUM-iOI_9qAGNtYCQBw&ved=0CDkQsAQ&biw=768&bih=900#biv=i|0;d|NlekBpnaIokoAM:
    Love the shape!

  3. Jealousy is wishing your entry-way was as cute as the “before” picture. 🙂

  4. oh wow what a gorgeous piece!!! even without the redo. i am jealous.

  5. That was my thought exactly!!

  6. stephbo93 says:

    I’m jealous of a foyer, period. My guests enter straight into my dining room table.

  7. It does look like the wardrobe from Beauty and the Beast. I wonder if it has been the victim of a terrible curse too.

    I bet it shed a single tear when you rubbed your cheek on it. I bet it sat there, a dull sense of excitement rising within it as you bent closer, shooting a furtive glace at the door in case your friend came back. I bet it thought just as you laid your head against it, that you would whisper “I know, I’ll find a way to free you.” But you didn’t.

    All it’s hope is gone now. It’s gone.

    (Can you tell I’ve been on cold medication all night? You can tell can’t you?)

  8. WOW! I wish I could find pieces like that in my craigslist/goodwill. Gorgeous makeover!

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