A hostess’ gift.

That’s the trouble with building a comfortable little guest cottage in the country, you know.   Pretty soon your “overnight” guests turn into “weekend” guests, who turn into “practically permanent residents who demand a better cooking set-up so you are forced to remodel your guest cottage kitchen to accommodate them.”

Luckily, Laura at Top This Top That was happy to oblige.  What a gracious hostess!   The amenities at my guest cottage (aka: my living room) currently equal air mattresses and water from the tap.

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  1. What a great job! I have to tell you that I have awful blogging etiquette. I follow you and read every post you write and I usually head over to the blog links but I rarely comment to you. So, here’s my comment. I love your blog and you provide such a great service to everyone who reads it by showing us inspiring photos and make us dream big. Your writing is wonderful and I really enjoy every single post that you write. So there! 🙂 Holly in Glendale, AZ

  2. You are too funny!! You are more then welcomed to stay anytime you are in the area and I will even serve you brunch on the weekend!! 🙂 Thanks again for sharing the cottage reno.

  3. Wow! This ladies too nice to her guests, I think. She did a smashing job on her guest house, though. It’s gorgeous!

  4. stephbo93 says:

    It’s so bright and cheery now! I love it!

  5. What a Difference- I LOVE the Copper pots and the beams..
    Thank you for sharing before&afters-

  6. This is an amazing transformation!

  7. Gorgeous!

  8. Very cool makeover! And you are such entertainment with your writing!

  9. Wow! That make over looks fabulous! More cozy too! I love what you did with the floor!

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