Sit and Stare

Some people just have the knack, you know?  They can look at this massive wall hole and think “Yes!  I see open shelving flanking a custom sitting space backed with reclaimed wood, incorporating mint and mustard, industrial lights and a showpiece candid shot of the children who live here!”

I look at it and think, “So I guess that’s where the TV goes.”

From the ever outstanding Kara at Kara Paslay Designs.

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  1. Well done (I would have never thought of that), love it!

  2. Beautiful! Love the wood and lights!

  3. I laughed my wee fanny off cause your thought was same as mine. That must be where the Tv goes. Such stunning imagination!

    Thanks again for the great entertainment!! As always.

  4. Now that’s a transformation. It looks so cozy now I just want to curl up in there

  5. I’d be putting the tv there too. LOL!! It looks great!

  6. Really, really well done space, right up my alley! I love those lamps!

  7. OMG, love it! I wish I have enough space, time and ideas to do something like that!
    Summer in Savannah

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