Sad Day

I had another post all ready to publish for today, but my heart is so heavy because of the recent tragic events that I just can’t.  I’ll see you back here soon. Till then, sending lots of love and prayers to our friends in Connecticut and everyone affected by this senseless, heartbreaking act. 

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  1. Amen.

  2. My husband is in education,I have grand children in Elementary. Tears and a hurt that I can not describe. We must find the whats to solving these from repeating..Thank You for your posting very moving.

  3. Terrible. Unbelievable.

  4. I completely understand your post today. Our hearts are incredibly heavy. Keep in mind, we need distractions such as your blog, to allow us to escape from reality. And the reality today is deep sadness.

    So, please don’t be gone for long. We all need the escape you provide.

  5. Thank you for not posting…Ive tried to stay away from facebook and twitter as the posts that are everyday things seem so irreverent in the midst of this horrible horrible day

  6. Very sweet and thoughtful of you, Lindsey. It’s just devastating. I can’t imagine how awful this must feel to the parents of those little children. There are just no words.

  7. I didn’t do the post I planned either. I cannot comprehend the world we live in.

  8. As a former elementary school teacher, I am numb. I am beyond sad. Thoughts of this possibility sometimes crossed my mind but this is beyond my imagination. What are we thinking as a nation? How can we have let this get so out of hand? There are no words to explain it. We must find our way out of this. We must.

  9. Thank you for being so sensitive to the mourners. We are all in shock, and join in prayer with you.

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