Rectangled Up In Blue

If you can handle a three-step makeover, and you like rectangles, and you have ugly sliding closet doors that you hate, by golly, this is a project for you! 

Step 1: Tape off some big rectangles. Step 2: Paint. Step 3: Step-hop-shimmy-slide, because your closet doors now look a million times better than before. So easy! From Gemma at The Sweetest Digs.

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  1. Stunning!!

  2. Beautiful! Sophistocated! And it was so EASY! Some of my re-dos have been that, too…Simply elegant! Thank you for the idea and the post!

  3. I never cease to be amazed by the difference a little paint can make.

  4. Gorgeous doors!

  5. oh my gosh before gag after wow LOVE paint.

  6. I can’t believe what a big difference a little paint can make. I didn’t ever think that those sliding doors could ever look nice.

  7. So simple, and WOW! -what a difference!

  8. Hi there, looks awesome. I have two rooms very dated now, with full length sliding mirror doors on the wardrobes, can I paint over mirrors, have you got any before and afters on this issue, I don’t really want to use chalk paint to cover the, that’s the only idea I came across so far. Help please, blessings Hilde

  9. Amazing!! Thanks for posting this. It was such a fun project and is holding up perfectly. Still looks good as new! :)


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