Pot so fast!

I’m showing you the handles of Better After reader Lexi’s dresser first, so you can fully appreciate how much effort it must have been to remove all the layers of paint from that thing.  Wowza, right?

No easy task. Unless! You try boiling the hardware (in an old pot that you aren’t planning to use for food again).  In my experience, that paint will come off like a charm.  As for the rest of the dresser, no such luck, it’s hours of scrapedy-scrape-scraping.  Unless! You have a big enough pot.  Kidding!

Great job Lexi!

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  1. Gorgeous!! Love your blog btw ! Funny, sweet and to the point!! Love reading every day 2x day!! You should be a comedy writer!!
    Angie 🙂

  2. those two dressers (the before and the after) don’t even belong on the same planet. amazing.

  3. Great work on those handles! They are antique classics and have great detail that was hidden behind that ghastly green goop. Excellent work!

  4. SOOO much better! I have a dresser with detailed handles that are painted over also, and it’s one of the main reasons I’ve been dreading that project. Now I might just run to the dollar store for a scrap pot to boil the paint off! Thanks for the info!

  5. On the dresser ~ I actually like the before better. =)

    I’ve done the hardware in boiling water with a lil dishsoap in it ~ works like a charm.

  6. Is that for sale??? Love it!

  7. It actually belongs to my roommate. I just did the makeover. It’s currently in our living room and not for sale. Sorry!

  8. Wow! this turned out incredible!

  9. Betcha the before picture used to be an after picture. (: Incredibly superior after/after dresser. Although I really thought the handles looked cool with the paint still on. Lead and all.

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