Leave It To Fever

This wallpaper from Lura’s former bathroom looks exactly how I feel today.  Queasy and uneasy.  I spent most of last night either crouched ’round the toilet or flopping back and forth in bed with simultaneous chills and night sweats. Booo!  But look, I am up and blogging for you, dear reader, because I love you so!

So, may I present to you Phase 1 of  Lura’s bathroom makeover.  Phase 2 will involve new tile and de-brassing the fixtures, but I actually don’t even mind them next to the bronze and blue accents she’s added to the room. Do you agree, or is that the fever talking? See more on her blog Domesticability.

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  1. Cute makeover. Feel better girl! Why is it that Christmas week and the stomach flu always seem to go hand in hand? Wishing you a quick recovery and hopefully it won’t spread through your family.

  2. Brass is coming back in… tell her to leave it!

  3. I actually like the brass now. I would leave it. And thank goodness the tile is not offensive either. Great job!

  4. Feel better, Lindsey!

  5. Looks great!! I love the mirror.

  6. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Hard to believe that is the same room. I love the changes. Hope you feel better.

  8. I could NOT poop in a room with that wallpaper. Getting bound up just looking at it.

  9. love the changes so far – can’t wait to see more. feel better soon!!
    — jackiejade.blogspot.com

  10. LOL I thought the brass thing looked like a crown over the throne…

  11. I love the changes! It looks ‘fresh’!!!

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