LACK of Style

Here you see the LACK coffee table from IKEA.  The LACK table is great because it costs somewhere around $15, which means you can get all creative up on that thing without worrying if you and your zany ideas actually end up ruining it.

No worries for Angela, though, because her mosaic tabletop idea turned out great!  Just little squares of paper and Mod Podge, can you believe it?  See the process on her blog Creative Blossoming.  (And PS, can someone please let my Goodwill know that these tables cost around $15 BRAND NEW, so they really should stop charging $49.99 for a used and probably peed on version, thanks.)


Better After reader Andi also had little to lose when she found this coffee table on the curb.  Since it was basically nonfunctional as a table, what with the top missing and all, she whipped out some spare plywood and fabric and turned it into a cheerful entryway bench!  So cute, and it looks really comfy.  Pretty sure I could nap there.

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  1. Beautiful transformations! And I loved your comment about Goodwill. Some of their things are incredibly overpriced and some way underpriced (although I’m not complaining about that)!

  2. Goodwill takes anything that is “name brand” and jacks up the price. Which means that if the person who is doing pricing recognizes the name of the brand, they price it higher.

    Which is why, I assume, I found a pair of those Old Navy flipflops that you can get on sale for like $1 marked for like $8.

    Also why if the jeans say Calvin Klein, they’re going to cost three times as much as all the other jeans, even if they’re black and frosted.

  3. Our local resale shop thinks they are A Fine Retail Establishment. $12 for a bent, out-of-style lampshade? $495 for a “set” of china where most of the pieces were chipped and wouldn’t cost $495 brand new? I always wonder where these people live that get great bargains at resale shops. All I get are cooties for digging through the stuff.

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my mosaic coffee table makeover! Much love!

  5. Does Andi have a blog? I am really fasinated with the painting above the awesome bench she made and want to see more of it.

  6. Does Andi have a blog? I am really fasinated with the painting above the awesome bench she made and want to see more of it.

  7. Thank you for featuring my bench Lindsey! So much fun to do it and such a sense of accomplishment!

    Hi Connor Studio! I don’t have a website or blog to share, but the painting above the new bench is a print of “Princess of the East” by Margaret Keane, a friend of my mom’s. One of my favorite works of hers! Clicked around on your site. The stages of the portrait of Ian was awesome. Love seeing works in progress like that!

  8. I loved the mosaic coffee table by I am making something similar right now using an old cross-stitch design for a pattern. I’ll share if I ever finish it.

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