Will she ever stop? Yo, I don’t know!

Please prepare to have your socks knocked off once again by Jennifer from Dimples And Tangles. Seriously, reach down and grab a hold of them tightly, daily and nightly, because they are going to fly across the room when you get a load of this chair makeover she recently completed.  I love the gold, I love the fabric, I love the houndstooth, I just love it all. Oh, to be so fearlessly bold!

This post brought to you by Project Anthologies:

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  1. ok – I held on to them and they flew across the room anyway!
    OMG – spectacular – unbelievable before and after!

  2. I want to marry the fabric on the back.

  3. Fabulous! And the fabric on the back is so fun, and so unexpected!

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  5. Very nice! But now my feetsies are cold!

  6. I need this. Is this for sale? I need to buy this! How much can I buy this for? If this is not for sale, I will steal this. Okay, just joking!! haha. But seriuosly…can I buy this?! lol
    -Heather F.

  7. Okay seriously though…does anyone know the name of that fabric on the back?!?!

    -Heather F.

  8. Thanks again, Lindsay! I wish I had your creative brain for humorous writing. You crack me up with every intro!

    And, Heather, the fabric is by Waverly and the pattern is Santa Maria in the Desert Flower colorway. I bought it online at fabric.com or they carry it in stock at Hobby Lobby if you have one nearby.

    Thanks for all of the kind comments!

  9. Beautiful!the front is so nice and calm,and then zas all the color and the pattern of the back.

  10. Oh my Word!!!!
    Fabulous!!! Beautiful & fun!!
    Nicely, nicely done!

  11. Turn out the lights, and I’ll glow.

  12. Gorgeous!!!!!!

  13. absolutely LOVE it!! What a great looking chair!

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