Ugly?! Uh-uh.

This dresser and its matching chest were described on Craigslist as “ugly furniture.”  Psh, way to sell yourself short, furniture ad person.  But maybe that’s why Britt was able to snatch them both up for $100 total, and turn them into the super adorable nursery furniture they are today. Not to mention the fact that she sanded, primed and painted these beasts at 38 weeks!  Wow. At 38 weeks, I was proud of myself for putting on shoes.

Check out the rest of the set on her blog Balanced Britt.

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  1. WOW WOW WOW – that is absolutely gorgeous – the handles make it!
    I’m off to her site now

  2. I love the details on that piece! the white looks awesome!

  3. oh my gosh…so cute!

  4. love it but that changing pad looks old and dirty..

  5. Holy crap that is amazing. At 38 weeks it was effort to do anything but lay in bed on one side….because whales don’t roll over easy.


  6. Is it safe to sand, prime and paint while pregnant?

  7. the bottom handle in the middle is upside down : ) but i freaking love this dresser!

  8. I agree…Wow!!!’s custom! one of a kind beauty!!!!! 🙂 I love it! She should send this photo to the seller! LOL

  9. Guess I’m the odd man out, but I prefer the first version. The custom wood is incredible!

  10. Wow, that is simply stunning!! What an amazing piece. Love the paint job, especially the pop of blue.

  11. Don’t worry Jess, most of that’s not real wood. Just fake molded ’70s stuff.

  12. Yes, but can you tie them? And not on the inside edge of the shoe?

    The transformation of the dresser is incredible but the colors make my eyeballs throb. (:

  13. Wow, these comments make me feel so warm and fuzzy! Just in time for the holidays! I think the dresser is cool…I’m wondering if it’s that plastic stuff from the 70’s? If so, how’d u get the paint to stick?

  14. I love it!! I even pinned it in my “Oh Baby” board on Pintrest so I can remember this adorable color scheme! Too cute! Your blog is my favorite. 🙂

  15. Why do people get on a nice site just to say harsh, mean, ugly things? Go learn something instead of tearing someone’s beautiful work down! You should be ashamed of yourself….

  16. I agree! I am happy to delete any harsh and negative comment that brings nothing constructive to the conversation.

  17. Didn’t think about it being fake molded “cutting”… I thought it was some kind of fancy wood that had been painted over.

  18. Tina, crafty mom of 13 kiddos says:

    Totally Cute!! I think the two long sides of each side of the dresser reminds me of the lamp pole and would also be cute painted blue or even pink. Great job!! And at 38 weeks preggo…My hats off to you!!! 🙂

  19. I am Britt from Balanced Britt, and I am just now getting around to reading these comments on the nursery re-do…Ironically my baby girl was born on the day this was posted! 🙂

    Just a few things…

    – I wore a mask while spraying these, and sprayed them outside in a well ventilated area with a fan blowing away any fumes. I cleared it with my midwife first. Perfectly safe 🙂

    -The changing pad is brand new. It was literally taken out of the box right before this picture was taken.

    -The carving is plastic! I used Valspar from Lowe’s and it stuck great. No issues there.

    I appreciate all the wonderful comments and all the new readers that came and visited my blog and left sweet words.

    And thank you Lindsey for sharing! 🙂

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