Sponsored Post: SheKnows Gift Picks

Sponsored Post: SheKnows Gift Picks
Having trouble finding the perfect gift for that special someone this holiday season? Don’t worry, muchacha. I’ll help you figure it out in three easy steps:

Step one: Become friends with this special person on Facebook, if you aren’t already.
(Stalker. Just kidding.)

Step two: Head on over to the SheKnows Gift Picks tool.

Step three: Click to connect with Facebook, punch in their name, and the Gift Picks tool will magically scan their profile and narrow down a personalized selection of perfectly pleasing gifts to choose from! (Don’t worry, it keeps your information private.)

It sounded too simple to be true, so I tried it out myself to see what I came up with.

For my brother, Gift Picks reported that he was a ‘Music Maniac,’ ‘Pop Culture Know-It-All,’ Fitness Guru,’ and ‘Sports Fanatic.’ How eerily accurate. Clicking on these categories pulled up a big bunch of gift ideas to choose
from, along with maps to the nearest stores, and of course, links to buy
Yep, this looks about right.

For my mom, aka the ‘Home Lover,’ ‘Shopaholic,’ and ‘Bookworm,’ the gift selection was right up her alley too. 
Mom, tell me you wouldn’t love either of these?  Wait, don’t tell me.  Look away!  Pretend you never saw this!  Also pretend to be surprised when you find a personalized recipe gift set with matching embosser under the tree…

Anyway, give Gift Picks a spin!  It might just make your holidays a little easier, which is pretty much a gift in itself.



  1. November 21, 2012 / 4:09 AM

    hmm.. it told me to buy my dad a jessica simpson purse. … i would have, but i don’t think it’s his color…

    aaaaanyway, just a hopefully helpful hint, if your brother is at all a racing fan or an adrenaline junkie (or just likes to try new, fun stuff) and it’s in your budget, definitely hook him up with the stock car experience. i used to work for rusty wallace racing experience and it makes a great gift (98% of our actual purchasers were women as gifts – the recipients almost always men!!). it is SO much fun and something most people don’t even know they can do. racewithrusty.com has ridiculous sales all the time, and if there’s nothing listed on the website just call. they give great deals (and are always on groupon and living social). hope it is ok to post this here, i dont work there anymore but it was the most fun job i ever had!!

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  3. November 27, 2012 / 6:01 PM

    You know I would LOVE IT!!! Sorry, I was a little behind since we were gone!! Ummm…Just saw this and didn’t mean to peek!!!! Woopsie!!!! I love whatever you get me!!! Hugs!!!

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