Slipcovers With Shelley Giveaway!

So excited to share this giveaway with you today, because it’s something I’ve always wanted to have.  No, not unicorn wings, today I’m giving away the ability to make slipcovers!

Shelley, the self-taught guru of slipcovers has kindly offered to give away a copy of her “Slipcovers With Shelley” DVD, (a $45 value) which is absolutely loaded with expert advice on everything you need to know to make beautiful slipcovers of your own, even if you are a novice sewer. Seamstress. Whatever.

Shelley knows her stuff.  She’s been able to quit her job and make slipcovers full-time to help support her family, and she’s so busy, she’s backed up until after the new year.

You can check out more examples of Shelley’s work on her blog, and start getting inspired by all the possibilities that await you and your soon-to-be-discovered slipcovering skillz!
But wait, there’s more!  Shelley is also giving away a copy of her fabulous e-book Pillow Talk, a colorful and easy-to-follow guide for creating five different types of decorative pillows.

Her step-by-step instructions make them all seem positively easy, like, I’m never not using a zipper again.  I might even venture into making my own piping.  Did you hear that? PIPING!

 Want to enter to win?  Of course you do.  Entering is easy, simply leave a comment here!

 Can’t wait? You can always hop on over to her website to purchase either the
or Pillow Talk e-book now!  

Good luck friend, I hope you win!  Giveaway ends Tuesday, November 13th, and is open to everyone internationally as well!  Woo!

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  1. I would love this! I have a super comfy, but ugly couch that could use a facelift!

  2. I can’t wait to cover up our ugly plaid couch. This would be a great prize!

  3. This would come in so handy! I need to “freshen” up some furniture!

  4. This would be great. I’ve slip covered once before, but, actual instructions would have been nice! Hope I win!
    Heather , Halvis at

  5. I so need this book! I am WAY tired of my couch and chairs in my living room but don’t have the moolah for new ones. Nor do I have any reason for replacing them completely. This is the alternative that I need but I don’t even know where to begin!

  6. My three boys make this dvd a “must have”! They’re killing me with their grubby hands 🙂

  7. This is awesome 🙂

  8. I hope I win, I have a plaid couch that is in need of a cover!

  9. Oh, this would complete my dream of owning 100% linen slipcovered furniture that I could have with my very tiny budget. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity of learning how to do this!

  10. This would be awesome! My couch is a weird blue, yuck!

  11. This would be amazing! I have a wonderful slipper chair with velvet green fabric that I have been intending to cover for YEARS! This just might be the motivation I need!!

  12. I need slipcovers for my couch. Hope I win.

  13. What a great giveaway… would love to have one to spruce up the sofa or love seat…. or just for a quick change. Pick me!

  14. Slip covers would be a-mazing!! Bring it on!

  15. I couldn’t get it to leave a comment, or maybe I didn’t know what I was doing, anyway hope this one counts. Would love to be able to make slipcovers (if I can afford the material) to cover my nearly 20 year old couch and chair and ottoman. It was a very good set back then, too good to just get rid of, but it sure needs and update. Navy blue and barn red are pretty tiresome after so long. Thanks!

  16. Pick me! Pick me! I have a floral chair that I’m dying to cover in a nice, cool gray.

  17. Pick me!

  18. Great giveaway! Those slipcovers are amazing. I’d rather make my own, than rely on Surefit. 🙂

  19. You make me laugh everyday! Thanks for sharing your sense of humor! (And this book looks pretty cool to.)

  20. I just came here to ask if you meant pegasus wings. I’ve never seen a unicorn with wings. Wink, wink. 😉

    I suck at crafting but I’d love to have the winner make me a slipcover! Ha ha.

  21. Great giveaway! I’d love to be able to make my own slipcovers.

  22. Would love to be able to recover my grandmother’s dining chairs without having to spend lots to send them out. Thanks.

  23. lol, unicorn wings, you so funny. 🙂

  24. Love! Pick ME!!

  25. so awesome! would love to try it!

  26. so awesome! would love to try it!

  27. Patty Lucas says:

    I would love to learn how to slipcover furniture. I see so many pieces second hand that I don’t buy because they need to be slip covered and it is so expensive. I could have all new things if I could do it myself!

  28. would love this!

  29. Learning to slipcover is on my list of things to do ….this DVD would help me soooomich. Thanks for the chance to win! I love the pillows too!

  30. Jen McClory says:

    This would be so nice to have. The couple we bought our house from this summer kindly left us a sofa and two chairs, but the fabrics aren’t quite our style. I would love to make them over without breaking the bank ,but have been intimidated to start.

  31. Oh,how I need this! I have always wanted to sew slipcovers, but have never had the nerve. Maybe I can finally do something about my horribly ugly, but very comfortable, furniture.

  32. I would love to have this. I have watched Shelly’s website for years.

  33. Me! I’m the epitome of novice…

  34. I can’t beleive this post! i just finished posting several slipcovers to my pinterest boards. what i wouldn’t give to be able to pick my own fabric and make the perfect slipcovers for both my Living room and family room!

  35. I can’t beleive this post! i just finished posting several slipcovers to my pinterest boards. what i wouldn’t give to be able to pick my own fabric and make the perfect slipcovers for both my Living room and family room!

  36. This would be perfect! I have a horrid couch that is in desperate need to be covered.

  37. It would be amazing to win this! I would definitely have to get busy if I won!

  38. I would love to get this!! I have a wing chair to slipcover and I have no idea how to do it!!

  39. I would LOVE something like this… I have so many pieces of furniture that could use a new vibe.

  40. I’d love to try slipcovers! Stephanie

  41. Of course! Who could NOT love this??? Great slipcovers!

  42. Pondering scouting a sectional on craigslist with plans to slipcover it. Perfect timing!

  43. I can sew a bit – but I would need the help of Shelly’s professional dvd to guide me through it!

  44. Seria ótimo para eu poder reformar e encapar meus sofás e poltronas.E almofadas??Obrigada.

  45. I got a sewing Machine for Christmas last year and it is still in the box because I have no idea what I am doing! I also have an ugly couch. I really need to win this giveaway!

  46. This would be amazing! We moved this summer and bought a used sofa and love seat set (for $145! total) that are super comfortable and in good shape…they are just UGLY! I haven’t been able to find pre-made slipcovers that I absolutely adore so it would be awesome if I could figure out how to make some!

  47. Meigh McPants says:

    ooh, nice giveaway! :: crosses fingers:::

  48. This has always been intriguing to me but I’m skeeerd! I’d love to win and give it a try!

  49. I’m about to attempt my first slip cover – but I was going to wing it. Maybe I should read a book first….

  50. It would be great to learn. I am truly a novice at sewing so the more help the better.

  51. Would love to win this! (I follow Shelley too – girl is a genius!)

  52. Me, me, me! I’d L-O-V-E to win@ Thanks for the opportunity. (aqmccray[at]verizon[dot]net)

  53. Maybe it would give me courage to finally slip cover something!

  54. Maybe it would give me courage to finally slip cover something!

  55. I am a novice and would love to learn how to sew pillows and eventually slipcovers to save money!

  56. Shelley is SO talented! I would LOVE to have her DVD! Thanks so much for a great giveaway!

  57. Would love the DVD.

  58. Yes, please! We have a comfortable and well-made sofa that’s embarrassingly cat scratched. I would LOVE Shelley’s instructions on how to slipcover it. Her work, which I see on other blogs, is meticulous.

  59. I love pillows!!

  60. I’ve been wanting to slipcover my sofa for over a year but I’m to sceeered! Maybe if I win her book I’ll over come my fears!

  61. This would be a great prize to win, hope it is ME!!!

  62. You mean I could achieve having furniture that a)fits into my decorating scheme without limiting me so that I don’t have to decorate around the sofa and b) doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb? Sign me up!

  63. Yes please! I would love some professional guidance in slip covering.

  64. This would be awesome! I really want to learn more about upholstering!

  65. Oh I have the perfect chair that could use a new cover! 🙂

  66. I would love to win! What can I say, 4 kids and 2 dogs. One husband who thinks black labs should be able to sleep on the furniture.

  67. I really need this video – I have tried (and blogged) about slipcovering my two wing chairs and have NOT been successful. Thanks for a chance to enter!
    Peggy @ The Painted Pear

  68. I so need one of these. I seriously have the ugliest couch ever!

  69. Omg my couch is SO 90’s I can’t sell it on CraigsList. I need a slipcover! Shelley’s are amazing!

  70. I want to learn how to do piping! I made a slipcover for my sofa, but it would look so much better if I had “piped” the edges! I should probably learn how to phrase that right, too. 🙂

  71. I so need this! Pick me pick me!

  72. Oh this would be a dream to have. I have been wanting to make some pillows lately so this was interesting to find! Pick meeeee!

  73. Oh this would be a dream to have. I have been wanting to make some pillows lately so this was interesting to find! Pick meeeee!

  74. I neeeeeed this video/book. And I’ll tell you why…one of my couches is half slip-covered and the other is still red, gold and hunter green plaid while its slipcover remains wadded up in a bag because I need to rip out one of the seams and re sew it. Baaah! I’m stuck!

  75. I have two sofas that are in desperate need of help!

  76. oh this would be just in time. i just re upholstered my chair myself. and i used plain canvas because i plan on making all kinds of slip covers for it so i can change it whenever i change my decor.

  77. Me! Me! Pick me!

  78. Would love this! I’m a novice sewer so instructions on DVD would be awesome!

  79. I have a chair in my bedroom that I keep saying I’m going to make a slipcover for… but I feel intimidated. I need this!

  80. OMG..this is what i’m looking for, i’m moving to new house..need to save every teeny tiny bit,but if i be able to DIY my old ugly sofa cover would be super great!!!!

  81. What a lovely giveaway! Me what’s! 😉

  82. LIndsey,
    I love your blog – it’s inspiring, interesting and funny as hell.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a cool prize!

  83. I would love a copy. What a great opportunity to offer! Thanks so much.

  84. Pick me! I love her work.

  85. LOVE Shelley’s work soooo much!! 🙂

  86. I loove the idea of slipcovering but with my novice sewing skills it always seems so intimidating!

  87. Getting ready to paint the living room, with this book I could do a total before/after on this tired old room!!!

  88. I would love to have it. Wonderful.

  89. I have been wanting to try to make slipcovers since forever!

  90. Oh, oh, oh this would be SO great!

  91. There’s so much I need to learn about sewing!!!

  92. I’d love to enter for the pillow dvd. I have her slipcover dvd and its truly amazing!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  93. I would love to enter! Have been planning to slipcover an ugly chair for ages!

  94. This would be perfect as I have 5 chairs awaiting makeowvers!

  95. Her covers look great and I have a couch and a chair that could use it with my 21 month daughter 🙂 way easier than reupholstering since it can be washed!

  96. That looks great! Last time I wanted to upholster a chair it sat in my house unchanged for several years before I gave it away. Maybe if I had some good instructions, I’d actually get a few projects done!!!

  97. This is great!

  98. I have been following her blog too and I’m amazed at what she’s accomplished! Hope I win, because I got a sofa that needs some love!!

  99. I need a slipcover for my couch!

  100. More ways to use my sewing machine? Check please!

  101. I have always wanted to learn to make slipcovers! My grandmother used to make all of hers but I never had the chance to learn from her.

  102. I would love the pillow book. It might be all I can handle!

  103. I love your blog site! Thanks for all your inspirational photos. I plan on beautifying our ugly duckling furniture pieces along with a few roadside rescue pieces within this next year, and a new slipcover outfit on our old sofa set may just do the trick.

    Pick me, pick me!

  104. I love your blog site! Thanks for all your inspirational photos. I plan on beautifying our ugly duckling furniture pieces along with a few roadside rescue pieces within this next year, and a new slipcover outfit on our old sofa set may just do the trick.

    Pick me, pick me!

  105. That is awesome. And I’m so bummed. I just got rid of a chair because it was worn and I couldn’t find a slip cover for it. If it really is possible for a beginner, I think I’ll hang on to my other chairs just in case.

  106. would love to win this 🙂

  107. OMG!!! I have followed Shelley for some time now and I currently have 2 chairs, 1 love seat and an ottoman that need slipcovers….would love to to be able to watch Shelley’s video while creating my slipcovers.

  108. Fabulous giveaway!!! Shelley’s video would certainly help me get all of my slipcover projects done, finally….
    Thx so much, Heather @ Larissa Hill Designs

  109. Michelle J. says:

    Pleeeeeeeease pick me! I don’t think I have ever won anything in my whole life. My living room couches are an embarassement. I know how to sew already and with great instructions in this book I could really work some magic!

  110. I would love to have this! I have been wanting to make a few slipcovers for a while! I might have to order the CD if I don’t win. Thanks!

  111. Desperately need the slipcover DVD to save our old couches! I wish she was local to me!

  112. Susan Hitt says:

    I’m in dire need of this DVD! My adorable lab had a not so adorable chewing habit as a puppy and chewed through the upholstery of my most cozy chair! I’m armed with my mother’s sewing machine and fabric! Now I just need a video to teach me how!!

  113. I would love to win this! So fun!

  114. Would love to try slipcovering.

  115. I want to win! So many home improvements, so little knowledge.

  116. My chair could definitely use this!

  117. In need of family room furniture, we accepted my grandparents’ furniture. We.Need.Slipcovers.

  118. Fun giveaway. Her slipcovers are beautiful.

    rwheelerii (at) hotmail (dot) com

  119. I need these skills!!

  120. Great giveaway! I have a love seat and chair that are starting to look a little tired… this would give me inspiration!

  121. I hate my sofa – it was white before I had a kid… I’d love to win this prize and give my sofa a second life.

  122. I used her DVD to make slip covers for my super ugly, super 1998 plaid loveseat, couch and chair. I would love the pillow DVD!!

  123. I would “sew” love to win this fantastic giveaway! I have a couch and two chairs that ate so in need of a facelift! Left alone two more chairs of my grandmothers…a long list! Both my grandmother and mother made their own slipcover a but aren’t able to help me anymore. Love this!

  124. Geesh, please ignore the typos!

  125. I could use this as I have a chair needing a slipcover. Oh and a couch!

  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. With a colored sofa I detest, I really would like to make a slipcover to hide the hideous green.

  128. I would so love to win either, but mostly the slipcover DVD. I have two great wingback chairs, but the fabric is not only outdated but so dirty. So need to redo them. This would make me actually do it. After painting my kitchen cabinets of course. :-}

  129. Kelli Young says:

    Our hand-me-down couch is covered with a stained, ripped store bought slipcover. Time for a new one, but I’d love to make it myself this time. Maybe with a dropcloth, a ruffle, or a more tailored box pleat….hmmm, endless possibilities.

  130. I would love to win this! I have so many pieces that could really use a slipcover!

  131. What a great giveaway! I could use some expert advice since my “homemade” items look a little scary up close. I don’t know how to do anything other than the basics, so it would be nice to learn.
    BTW, your blog leaves me in stitches every day! (get it, stitches?) I know, dumb comment.

  132. Oh I need this book SO badly! I’ve been looking at slipcovers foreverrrr in the store or ordering online. But I know they’ll be too baggy for my old-style slim armed couch.

    So having this DVD would help me get enough gumption to finally sew my own!

  133. I reeeeeally need this! Then no more hacked, fall-aparty slipcovers in this household.

  134. I just got 2 wingback chairs for $30 bucks total. Such a sweet find, but desperately need slipcovers!! Pick me!!

  135. Hello to you dollface,
    I would love the book and dvd,having 7 grandchildren (at this moment) I can use tips on how to make slipcovers easier and the pillows would be terrific also (mine get worn from pillow fights,nights on couches during sleep-overs,sitting on playing games you know regular wear and tear, Hope I win and our children will also benefit my daughter mother of 3 of the grandkiddos also enjoys going with me or her hubby thrifting,yardselling,fb sallers and we repourpose and redo.

  136. We have an orange 1970’s hide-a-bed couch that is in desperate need of a makeover. This is a great giveaway. Thank you!

  137. I have 4 chairs at my house and a sofa at my moms that all desperately need slipcovers!

  138. I have a well made but ugly couch that would be perfect for a slip cover.

  139. I would love this!! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  140. I would totally love to win — need a slipcover for my sofa. Thanks for the post!

  141. I would love to win this for my mom! She’s made her own slipcovers, without a pattern, but I bet she would love the info in the dvd! Then she could help my make a new slipcover for my couch!

  142. My furniture is in great need of slipcovers and I would love to win! Thank you!

  143. I have a chair that I would love to make a slipcover for. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  144. Unicorns don’t have wings, which can only lead me to assume that you are talking about wings MADE of unicorn. Which is just sick, really. But, whatever fantasy floats your boat… My fantasy is to make a slipcover for a couple of hideously free pieces of furniture in my home. I would LOOOOOOOVE this giveaway!!!!

    drocker2 at msn with a dot and a com

  145. I have been watching Shelley’s blog for a few months now. She does beautiful work and seems like a nice lady. Would love to win. Thanks for hosting. holidaywithmary at comcast dot net

  146. What a fun giveaway!!!

    leannolsen at hotmail dot com

  147. This would be awesome!

  148. This comment has been removed by the author.

  149. I need a slipcover for a loveseat and was trying to figure out where to get one! Now I know!
    wlbontrager at yahoo dot com

  150. I would love to learn how to make slipcovers!

  151. I have a wingback chair I would love to slipcover! I even have the fabris and I am ready to learn!

  152. I need to cover up my nasty couch!!! I have two little ones….need I say more?

  153. Looks great! Need the help.

  154. Pick me – please. I want my second hand but lovely couch with the unlovely fabric to get a new lease on life and be able to survive visits from my niece and three nephews!

    And I DON’T want to ask my mum to help me.


  155. This will be perfect for our new house! I’m having trouble picking the paint colors to match our current couches and this would be PERFECT. I hope I win. 🙂

  156. I love gum says:

    Slip covers would make my life SO mush happier. It’s true.

  157. What a great giveaway! Would love to win. I’ve been wanting to cover my couch forever.

  158. I would love to win this giveaway!!

  159. I spent about an hour or so browsing her blog the other day! I would love to win the DVD!

  160. This would be an awesome win! I need to make pillows to match the new curtains int our family room and a slipcover would be awesome for a comfy old burnt orange chair in our bedroom!

  161. This would be an awesome win! I need to make pillows to match the new curtains int our family room and a slipcover would be awesome for a comfy old burnt orange chair in our bedroom!

  162. What a great giveaway! I need to make pillows for my living room.

  163. I have a couch that the faux leather is slowly flaking off. It needs a redo bad. Love to win

  164. Love it! Our sofa needs some slipcover love!

  165. I am going to start praying now I win this…I need a facelift for my chair ASAP! 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity!!

  166. I want to win this so bad! , I have a terribly ugly sofa!!

  167. Would love to give my sofa a great makeover… Grad school has me trying to style my humble abode on a budget. Thanks for the giveaway!

  168. If I win can you deliver it in person? Totally want all these slip covered pieces.

  169. This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks

  170. So pretty! Just waiting to find the right material to finish an awesome chair!

  171. I just bought fabric to make pillows, so this would be some fantastic info!

  172. I need this! My dogs have treated my sofa very badly and it needs a cover : )

  173. Would ADORE to win!

  174. I have wanted to slipcover for quite awhile!

  175. This would be great. My current slipcover is way to big for my sofa. Thanks for the opportunity!

  176. I’ll admit, the first thing I would slipcover isn’t mine: my mother-in-law has a huge, comfy, leather couch in her family room…that also happens to be orange. Yikes!

  177. Would love to win!

  178. Just found your blog, it is wonderful! Would love to win this…

  179. I would love to love how to slipcover. Pick Me!

  180. Wish I could win this.

  181. I have a yard sale chair that needs help! Pick me!

  182. This comment has been removed by the author.

  183. I was just thinking about spicing up my loving room. This would definitely do the trick!

    Ginny B.

  184. I would love to learn how! I have a chair that is just waiting for a slip cover, it’s been waiting for 3 years in the garage.

  185. I would love to learn how! I have a chair that is just waiting for a slip cover, it’s been waiting for 3 years in the garage.

  186. I need this – I need to cover up my beige-tastic sofa and loveseat!

  187. I would love to have this. I am ready to create some pillows, and this would be great inspiration and instruction.

  188. I would love to learn how to make these!

  189. I would love to win these! I have a couch that has a beautiful shape but lots of cat scratch damage that needs to be covered!!

  190. Please pick me! I would love this!

  191. This comment has been removed by the author.

  192. Slip covers always seem so daunting. This sounds like a great way to get started.

  193. I just hauled my sewing machine out of the back of the closet! I would love to have this book for inspriation and instruction!

  194. I just hauled my sewing machine out of the back of the closet! I would love to have this book for inspriation and instruction!

  195. I would love this too! I’ve been sewing for a long time but never attempted a slipcover. I have an ugly wing chair begging for help!

  196. This comment has been removed by the author.

  197. Pick me, pick me! I would use this on a craiglist find chair!

  198. This would be the most amazing giveaway to win. Ever!

  199. I have the perfect ugly sofa that badly needs a new fresh look

  200. Our playroom sofa needs this desperately!!!

  201. I’ve always wanted to know how to make a good quality slip cover! The ones you buy are usually so baggy or awkward. This would be great!

  202. This would be a great way to dress up our living room.

  203. I would love this 🙂

  204. These are great

  205. I would love this to cover up some sofas in my living room

  206. Brittany D says:

    I need this tutorial! I’ve wanted to tackle a chaise for years, but have no idea where to start.

  207. My cat-clawed couch needs this book.

  208. Hi! I have 2 upholstered chairs that my cat has lovingly shredded down the arms and backsides – slip-covers are in my future!

  209. Cool. 😀

  210. I have been drooling over these forever! Maybe that’s why I need a new couch cover!?

  211. thanks for the chance to win!!

  212. I am in desperate need of a red plaid loveseat update! This is EXACTLY what I need!

  213. I love any book named after a great movie. Thanks.

  214. I have a chaird I have been wanting to do something with.

  215. Thank you so much for this blog! I’m hooked! I would really appreciate winning one of these prizes. I would love to update my sad furniture on a skinny budget. As a bonus, my daughter who is marrying soon could share and update her even sadder furniture on an even skinnier budget. Thank you for the consideration 🙂

  216. I would love this for our love seat in our living room!!! Not to mention I just got a sewing machine a few months ago and am trying to teach myself the ropes!!!

  217. Fingers crossed that I am the lucky winner!

  218. My fingers are crossed that I am the winner! How great would THAT be?

  219. Oh, this would be so great! I desperately need new pillows!!

  220. Crossing my fingers. I took a furniture reupholstery class and quickly discovered why reupholstering furniture is so expensive! Slipcovering … there’s an idea!

  221. This is a fantastic giveaway! I could really use it

  222. yes please! I’m just starting a slipcover and could use some guidance!

  223. Ug I would love to slipcover my couch. It has three pillow for the back and I just don’t know what kind of slipcover will cover that!

  224. Shelley is a miracle worker

  225. Shelley is a genius!

  226. I need need need this. What I really need is a new couch, but this would be more perfect and affordable than a new couch 🙂

  227. Would love this!! I need new pillows!!!

  228. Would love it!! I need new pillows!!

  229. Great giveaway! This would make an awesome Christmas present to myself 🙂

  230. I have 2 desperate chairs!

  231. While I’m sure every single person here deserves to win, I really, really want to!

  232. Would love this! I can’t justify buying a new couch right now, but I am super over the dark forest green monstrosity taking over my tiny living room.

  233. I would love to win this! Three babies in four years will destroy any couch. It didn’t stand a chance! A slipcover would save us from replacing it

  234. got a sofa on my to-do list. sure could use guidance from Shelley.

  235. I have looked up Shelly’s website in the past and seen her work on another blog. She is amazing. I would love to be able to do what she does!

  236. What an amazing skill to have

  237. LOVE this! I’ve got a chair in my living room that’s begging for a slipcover.

  238. This could be my motivation to slip cover my dining room chairs or my sectional!!

  239. I love this

  240. It’d be a very cool thing to take another step toward conquering my fear of sewing! 🙂

  241. I love this giveaway, in desperate need.

  242. Wow, what a cool prize! Thanks for the opportunity!

  243. Oh my goodness! I have a poor college student’s couch, complete with someone else’s stains! Covering it would be so lovely. 🙂

  244. Yay. Thanks for the giveaway! Would love to give it a try!

  245. That’s awesome! I would love to know how to make slipcovers, but I’m especially interested in that pillow book.

  246. I could SEW (so) use this DVD!!!

  247. I would love to win this! It would be so helpful to have!

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