No Fair Chairs

Michelle at Innovative Interior recently redid a pair of thrift store chairs, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Well, I could be happier. Because they live in her house, not mine. That doesn’t seem very fair. But let’s talk about her fabric choice. Do you love it? I love it so much that I actually tried to DIY my own version of it once. I found a fabric painting tutorial online somewhere, and gave it a shot, but noooooooope. It was what they call ‘not good.’ I tried to convince myself that I liked it for a while, but no. It was nothing like this. Let’s look at it again:

dreamy sighhh

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  1. Sometimes I want to be all happy when you post these Better Afters and say something like, “Great job!” I’m having a hard time not being a little bit, “Daaaamn, b!tch!” with these because these are probably the most fabulous chairs ever in the history of ever and I’m so jealous I want to spit.

    But great job!

  2. Those are dreamy! They look amazing at her house, too.

  3. Actually, I think you’re ALL wrong….those chairs would look much better at MY house!

  4. Love, love, LOVE!

  5. Seeeeeriously. I want those chairs. Wow!

  6. Love it!!
    Love going through your posts with a good cup of coffee in the morning:-) Waking up with caffeine and creativity!!

    Have a great day! Regards from Maratonjenta in snowy Norway!

  7. This fabric is from UH-259

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