It’ll have you in stitches!

I was trying to think of a sewing machine joke to introduce this makeover, but I couldn’t really think of one.  Well, I could think of ONE but it’s kind of inappropriate.  Alright, so here goes.  What’s the difference between a sewing machine and a bra-less woman? 
The sewing machine only has one bobbin.
Ha!  Ha ha ha.  Sorry, I am twelve.  Anyway, let’s class this joint back up a notch for a truly stunning sewing machine table makeover from Kristen. This is actually a frankenfurniture makeover that used parts from a mid-century sewing table and a separate treadle and wheel found on a broken thrift-store table for $24.
Check out the whole story on her blog Twenty Paper Links.

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  1. What a beautiful piece you have transformed.

  2. Oh, I love it!! Gotta go check the blog for the rest of the details. So cool!

  3. Hysterical! Btw, forgot to tell you I loved the commentary on my son’s MJ room transformed into Spiderman room.

  4. That joke. Is. Epic. Thanks for featuring my project!

  5. Man, you are so funny! I love reading your posts!

  6. So vintage! Love it!

  7. SOOOO pretty! I love it.

  8. Great joke! I can’t wait to tell it!! hahaha.

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