Today I have rounded up an assortment of little makeovers that I like to call “Fun Stuff.” (I’m really creative at naming things, I know. I had a pet rabbit when I was little. I named him Thumper. I also had a pet lamb. I named it Lamby). Anyway, do you even need anything more descriptive than that? If I saw a box labeled “Fun Stuff,” I would open that box first.
ANYWAY. Here comes Fun Stuff. Buckle up.
First, Kristy at Shona Skye Creations fixed this rickety old plant stand into the Taj-Mahal of pet steps for her daughter’s adorable little furball, Abbey. Abbey is a fancy lady, because even though she looks like she’s experiencing some major trepidation up there, she actually took to the steps right away. I think because of the tassels!

Shannon at Compartment Life shows us that you don’t need money to make things look expennnsssssive. (Read that in your best Nina Garcia voice). All it took was a coat of glossy black and a swipe from a metallic gold paint pen on the edges of this tray to give it a luxe look for cheapy cheap.

Next up is a genius little idea from Sherry at Inspiration Cafe. She turned a plain old bulletin board into a calendar, but wait! It’s so much better than a calendar. Notice the little clothespins? They’re perfect for clipping all those permission slips and concert tickets and shopping lists and what-have-you on the specific day you need them. Duh! This was seriously a light-bulb moment for me. Why don’t all calendars come with clothespins?

Oh my gosh, I had a friend who collected these horses when I was a kid. I totally did NOT get it. They were freaking expensive, like $35 each, they didn’t have any movable parts at all, they didn’t even have hair you could brush! It was just an expensive plastic horse. But painting it silver and gluing it to a wooden stand and using it to accessorize the living room? That I get.
From K at Claiming Our Space.

And finally, get ready to die from cuteness. Kate, who is mother-of-the-year in my book, is all about creating a magical, wonder-filled childhood for her little guy. She secretly added a couple ‘fairy doors’ throughout her house and waited for her son to discover them. Isn’t that the most delightful thing you’ve ever seen? Don’t tell my kids, I might do this at Christmas-time!
Check it out on her blog Kate’s Creative Space.

Now, wasn’t that fun?
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  1. Those mouse doors are AMAZING!


  2. Actually that was quite fun. I am loving the gold tassels on the dog bench – fancy! 🙂 LOL

    Fairy doors are cute too – it would be cute for Christmas elves – I totally agree.

  3. love, love, love the fairy door idea!

  4. Super cute!!! We have a fairy door that we put up to let the tooth fairy in…So fun!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing my pet steps! And I LOVE the mouse door!!! How stinkin cute is that?!?!!?

    Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

  6. the fairy doors ROCK! OMG! That is a MUST add on the to do list!!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing my Remington-inspired toy horse makeover!

  8. Loving the fairy doors… right to the top of my list!! TFS!

  9. I think the common theme here is we all need fairy doors! 🙂 that is the cutest idea ever!

    I am in awe over the pet steps. My little Junie has been not suite happy about having to sleep in a dog bed since we got a new bed that I refer to as the princess and the pea bed. I didn’t realize how tall it actually was, like take a running start tall… For us short people. LOL

  10. Thanks bunches for sharing our calendar at Better After! It is a huge treat to be featured here…along with some other fantastic projects. That dog is too cute on those fancy steps lol. The painted horse is simple yet beautiful. And Oh My Goodness ~ those fairy doors are the cutest thing EVER. Definitely a must do!!!
    Thanks Lindsey 🙂

  11. Ok first of all this is a compliment! in this post, you just showed just how young you really are, dahling….first of all I am 66 and those steps was not formally a “plant stand” ha I laughed and laughed at how young and naive you are; until suddenly I realize I was laughing cause of how old I am!!! jokes on me. Anywhoo, these old step stools were very common back in the 40’s because they didn’t sell them, but people had use for them like crazy! Therefore, as in that generations thinking, you just made you own! That’s how a lot of our treasure were born, my dear, and this is where I will sign off the wisdom train (not laughing anymore)
    lOVE YA, Judy from Arizona

  12. We have a fairy door in our house! Actually the Littles/Borrowers use it. The kids put handy items in the wall for them!

  13. Anonymous says:

    ALl great projects, but like everyone on here i FRIGGIN STINKIN LOVE THOSE FAIRY DOORS!!! I am totally putting them in my house for my unborn child to find one day. On another note…how awesome was that horse statute?? It really looks like statute!


  14. I am in love with that horse! What a fantastic idea.

  15. If that was a vintage Breyer horse, she would have been much better off selling it on eBay and painting something else.

  16. Oh my gosh you are so funny! These are great!!! Now I’m going to go raid my daughter’s toys for all her horses haha

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