Green Party

If you can’t go another minute without seeing some green dresser makeovers, than today is your lucky day.  Green is a lucky color, yes?  Green used to be my favorite color, back when I was a young lass and dreamed of someday owning the coolest car that could possibly ever exist in the universe:
A hunter green Ford Explorer.  

Dream big, kids.

Anyway, enough about me and my sheltered little past.    Here is a mini-round up of some great green makeovers for you.
This one comes from Kaeli at Fancy That Furniture.  My daughter was sitting on my lap when I scrolled through the pictures and said “Oooooh, pretty,” when she saw the after.  And you know little kids.  They don’t lie.

Cathy had to contend with a strange surface glued to the top of this dresser. Some sort of dinosaur-egg fossil laminate countertop thing. You know that thing?  It was all the rage way back in never.  Now it’s less Jurassic and more fantastic!  See more on her blog  All of Me … So Far.

Ashley was dying to try out some stencil magic on this old dresser, and opted to do just the drawer fronts.  A coat of stain over the whole thing sealed the deal, and it’s looking, as my daughter would say, pretty.  (Kids. They may speak the truth, but they sure are no help in the synonym department). 
See more on her blog The Freckled Redhead.

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  1. I love dresser redos! I just did one myself and am loving the results. Isn’t it amazing how a little paint can do wonders for a piece?

    Anna Rose @ The How-To Gal

  2. Love the color combo of the second photo! Great makeover.

  3. Those are, indeed, very pretty!

  4. kids aren’t the only ones who tell the truth. You can always trust people who like big butts, “they cannot lie!”

  5. I love the first dresser! We have quite a few tables and dressers around here that I’m getting ready to redo so I love seeing these for more ideas.

  6. That last one is just adorable!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I currently drive that car…. Yeah the one from 1996…. Sad…

  8. I love this post. Only because that IS the car I drove in high school. Except it had a giant dent in the back and the hatch wouldn’t open. But I thought it was awesome too!

  9. came across an interesting articles for bathroom 2013 trends, thought it could be helpful! ( Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    That was my college car! I loooooved it! Eddie Bauer edition haha

  11. I tried to go to Kaeli’s blog to leave her a comment, but I can’t prove that I’m not a robot so I will post it here instead!
    “I am also here from Better After and am completely in love with this dresser! I kind of want to go refinish every dresser in my house right now. Great job!”
    Any way, all these dressers are great!

  12. darn, i’m a few days too late…just preparing to put the green doors (freshly painted) on my garage sale find dresser! thanks for the inspiration. (i don’t always comment, but i LOVE your website. before and afters are my favourite!)

  13. Some great ideas – I love the first dresser. Thanks for sharing : )

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