French Revolution

I had the great fortune of meeting Kelli from Restore Interiors during the GMC/Habitat for Humanity trip I went on in August.  Unfortunately, most of that meeting went like this: “HiKelli,awesometomeetyou,Ihavetogospraypaintabunchofstuffrightnow,laterz!” 
Hopefully our paths will cross again, wherein I won’t be such a frenzied mess, because she truly is a lovely person.  Maybe she would even teach me her secrets to transforming furniture from looking old like your-grandma’s-guestroom, to old like french-farmhouse-fantastique.
Oh snapplesauce, she did.  Right HERE.

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  1. SO PRETTY!!

  2. looove it. you are very talented. i love to paint furniture but get nervous with distressing my hard work. absolutly beautiful!!

  3. Truly gorgeous!!

  4. that is really really nice….

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. You are freaking hilarious. Freaking. Hilarious. I read your posts just to see what you say next, and maybe some because of the Before and Afters….but mostly just because of your posts.

  7. Looks awesome!

  8. I had that dresser in my bedroom growing up!!! Funny! Kinda wish I still had it cause I LOVE the after!

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