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Oh Gods of Free Furniture, why have you ignored me?  Why do you disregard me so?  What did I do to deserve this cold shoulder?   Do I need to sacrifice a store-bought nightstand into a volcano or something? Why don’t I ever find stuff like this lying on the curb, beckoning me with wide open drawers?  I take that back.  I DID see a pile of broken particle board on the street yesterday with a big ‘free’ sign on it.  So, yeah, thanks for that.
Not quite the same as these two freebie dressers that Better After reader Shelly found.  And all they needed was a coat of paint.

Or in this one’s case, a heavy-duty removal of paint. Yikes. It’s not the best before picture you’ve ever seen, but didn’t Shelly do a great job with it?  Especially for the price of free?  Plus, she says “The lead-poisoning was free too!”  Ha!  I think she’s only halfway kidding.

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  1. I love freebies too! Shelly did an awesome job on those dressers!

  2. Very nice! She did a great job. I especially love the flower one. I’m never blessed by free stuff either unless it’s particleboard laminate wal-mart stuff. 🙁

  3. Love the grey dresser at the white stripe! Great job, Love freebies!

  4. I love freebies, but with the spread of bedbugs, does everyone make sure to de-buggify this stuff before bringing it into their homes? Bedbugs can get in the car upholstery,too. They can be transmitted in hard surface items and upholstered items.

  5. I snatched up a miserable looking dresser that was due to be set ablaze the next day. It came with the bonus of spiders. Lots of them. Which added the bonus of my husband having an absolute fit.
    I left it on our porch for almost a week cleaning it out and ensuring it was bug free before painting and bringing it in.
    Free furniture is definitely a risk, but the final product can be fantastic like these.

  6. Cute dressers! I’m reading that book she used to stage with too. I love to see what books people use to stage..haha

  7. Ok so I was having a bit of a stressed day today at work and then your email came. You really made me laugh with the silly joke and description of things. Thanks again you are fabulous

  8. NO FAIR! If awesome projects like these are going to get featured, they need to have a BLOG so I can go see MORE of their awesomeness!!! :O)

  9. The second dresser is amazing!

  10. Don’t you live in Surprise? Cuz we get that free broken crap on the curbside in Glendale too. Ha ha ha! Great post.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for posting these, and for the kind comments. The second dresser is actually a knock-off of a blue one that was posted on his blog a couple of months ago. Hers is far better, but I had to give it a try and a free dresser seemed like the perfect opportunity.

    Thank you all again, and a special thank you to Lindsay and this amazing blog for giving us a place to “show off” and to be inspired.
    London, ON

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