Chest Reconstruction

I bet people come up to Faye all the time and are like, “Hey Faye, nice chest!  And great legs too!”  And Faye takes it as a compliment. Because look what she did to this sad and broken old cedar chest: added legs and turned it into a fresh little console table! 
Not only that, she did some major reconstructive surgery on her chest and made it open from the front instead of the top.  Smart thinking, because otherwise you could never decorate the top without cleaning the floor.  Yaheardme?
Check out more on her blog, McGIRLver.

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  1. Awesome job, I love it!!!!

  2. Ok that is over the top AMAZING!!!
    Going over to check out her blog –

  3. Great idea. I want it

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my cedar chest on your blog, I’m so excited!

  5. Bahahahahahaaaaaaa! Nice one! That really is a beautiful little chest. I like the ones that have character!

  6. Lovely, went over to check her blog, she has some great ideas!

  7. Anonymous says:

    LOL and I LOVE it. It’s like you made it for me….I WISH!

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous, I love the color and the way she antiqued it!

  9. So clever! It looks great!

  10. Okay, just don’t ever ever stop writing this blog. And don’t become ordinary or non-irreverant (sp?). I laugh and laugh. And get great ideas.

  11. Beautiful and love the color!!

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