A yard-sale specter.

No, this dresser isn’t a ghost from the past, even though it looks the part, all shrouded in a chalky white, and even though you might have seen it already when I accidentally pressed ‘publish’ on this post about a week too early, because I’m accidentally rad like that.  So, I guess it kind of IS a ghost from the past.
But don’t be scared, because now it’s just an awesome dresser made even awesomer by Better After reader Julie who bought it for $6 measly bucks at a yard-sale and painted it turquoise.  The last thing I bought for six dollars was probably from the Value Menu at Wendy’s and not nearly as satisfying.
Woooooooo! Spoooooky!  

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  1. That is gorgeous! How come I can’t find a $6 deal like that! Spooktacular!!

  2. I love it!

  3. I love that paint color!

  4. I publish posts too early all the time…lol. they need to space those buttons further apart. what a beautiful blue!

  5. I’m saying, why can’t I ever find deals like that? Gorgeous!

  6. Anonymous says:

    So gorgeous! Any chance we can find out what that paint color is?

  7. I think you are leaving with the goods when I pull up,wow!

  8. This talented lady needs to post the colour she used! What a $6 find 🙂

  9. This just in! The color is “Lagoon” by Sherwin Williams.

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