Play on, playa.

This room looked less like a playroom and more like a place where sad toys went to die.  That mopey wall color, the big bare window, it all painted a rather depressing picture.  The soccer ball light fixture was doing it’s best to add a little kick into the room, (pun!) but it only managed to look like a bug of nightmarish proportions.
Luckily inspiration hit Cait hard, and she went to town transforming it into a super happy space of fun-ness!  I would play in here all day.
See more on her blog  My House. My Canvas.

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  1. HUGE difference very cool I have done stripes they take a lot of work! Good job

  2. The after picture is fabulous! Also, I now have No Diggity stuck in my head. Thank you. xoxo

  3. Love the stripes and that bold colour!

  4. That’s crazy! What a great transformation. I absolutely love the colors. I too will now be singing No Diggity to myself!

  5. Whoaaaaaa, I love this!! What an incredible transformation. Awesome!!!

  6. Wow! Those stripes are so amazing. I love how sunny it looks in there now.

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