Owl See You Later Alligator

If you are feeling the need to feed your wild side, look no further! Today’s dresser makeovers were inspired by the predators of the animal kingdom.  Like this ferocious owl dresser from Jennie at The Rosier Rundown.  Isn’t he terrifying?  He could kill you … with cuteness!

And I wouldn’t want to run into Marian’s new dresser in a murky swamp, I’ll tell you that much. This might be the first time I’ve seen an alligator-themed makeover, but I sure hope it’s not the last.  I’m a fan.  From a safe distance.  Check it out on her blog Savvy Salvage.

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  1. Amazing – both of them – but my heart melts for the bird!

  2. The Alligator one is so cool! I love all the different things you can do with painting dressers. I would love the owl one but with butterflies instead.

  3. love the owl.. the picture of the gator dresser makes the piece look weird. i bet it looks awsome in person..I believe its the angle of the pic and the wavy ‘gator skin’ that looks odd. the lower handles even look like bones in my pic which is creepin me out.

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