Make a Little Birdhouse in your Soul

Hard to believe that this before was once someone’s after.  I’m sure that decorator was a gentle soul who either had a soft spot for birds, or won some kind of birdhouse decor raffle, because I don’t know what else would possess a person to birdhouse it up so hardcore in the bathroom.  They are fun to count, if you are OCD and like that type of thing.  (26!)
But let’s turn our attention to the after and the simple gorgeousness it entails.  Can you believe Erin found that mirror for $12.50 at a yardsale?  Believe it.  (And help me steal it.)  Just kidding!  (Totally not kidding).
Lots more to see on Erin’s blog His and Hers.

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  1. I love that mirror!

  2. I love it

  3. 27 if you count the reflection in the mirror. 😉

  4. It looks fabulous! Love it!

  5. Hahaha…. I love your blog, but my OCD says it is 27 birdhouses. I think you forgot the one in the mirror. 🙂

  6. Hilarious that someone took the time to count the bird houses like you and found you were wrong!

    What a gorgeous job on this bathroom!

  7. I had a great laugh on this one….oh, I want that mirror so bad.

  8. Looks SO much better!

  9. i like the stripes.. light colors… not too bold.. just perfect! i know that was a lot of work taping and measuring!!

  10. Love the They Might Be Giants reference 😉

  11. OMG I used to have that birdhouse shelf years ago. What was I thinking?!

    LOVE the transformation!

  12. My cousin, age 32, moved into a house that had a decked out birdhouse bathroom- just like this one. Instead of transforming it, she went ahead and purchased the matching shower curtain. Oh my.

  13. Stunning! I saw on her blog that her husband built that vanity himself…wow! And I’m having some serious mirror envy too.

  14. I’m actually bitterly disappointed that the before had a regular wall lamp, I mean really? They couldn’t find a birdhouse one? Total lack of dedication. That being said, I LOOOOOOOVE the after one!

  15. The before is frigging hilarious – who does that??!! Lol. Amazing makeover, it looks great. It would be funny to have a cute little ceramic bird in there as an ode to the bathroom’s past. Or maybe they never want to see another bird again 😉

  16. So do you remember They Might Be Giants from when they were a hip, indy band or only from now where they sing childrens music?

    My coolness factor takes a hit everytime I try to explain that when I saw them for my first concert they were cutting edge. Like my coolness factor can afford another hit . . .

  17. WOW! The after is gorgeous! The before reminds me of my small half-bath in our former home.

    I’d done it very “theme-parky” in a seashore design because I wanted to entice my piano students to want to go in and wash their hands before the lesson. OMG! My hubby reaaaaalllllly wanted me to keep it that way!

    One day while he was gone, I did the whole thing over! A much more subdued and high end sea “inspired” theme…not an in-your-face styling. Yeah 🙂 He loved the “after” better!

  18. hahaha Lindsey…your narration of our “before” cracked me up. The people did actually have a thing for birdhouses–our now master bedroom (then playroom–we knocked out a wall) had every wall stenciled with birdhouses, complete with a white picket fence and clouds and flowers and even a birdbath.

    Thanks for the feature!! 🙂

  19. Oh, wow, I have a friend who has a mirror just like that – give or take – and she doesn’t want it, it’s in her garage. The frame is painted black. If it would fit in a padded envelope, I’d mail it to ya!

  20. can you get a “pin it” button??? I need to pin this stuff!!

  21. thanks for sharing.

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