Living Room For Improvement

If you ever wanted to know the definition of eye-sore, look no further than this fireplace.  It is literally hurting my eyes.  And soul. It pains me deeply.  Obviously something needed to be done about it, and there was clear need for some storage in the room too.  Thankfully Kara came along and rescued it with paint, cabinets, a wall-length mantle, not to mention a huge helping of fresh n’ hot style. Behold!

Notice the glimpse of the kitchen in the edge of the picture?  Well, that got a makeover too. How genius was it to extend the hanging shelf all the way to the counter to define the space, yet not close it off by keeping it open?  Did that sentence even make sense?  It’s early.  See more from Kara on her blog Kara Paslay Designs.

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  1. wow! gorgeous!

  2. What a great makeover!!

  3. Wow, that is beautiful!

  4. Ugh, that big shelf on the counter is horrible, open on both sides stacked with dishes? Looking for trouble as stuff will fall off on both sides. Plus it closes off the rooms instead of opening them up. Also hate the long, cluttered shelf above the fireplace and painted brick.

  5. I’m with ‘Anonymous’. I really don’t like this. Way too cluttered – putting that long shelf over the fireplace is wrong!

  6. Debbi@Texas says:

    Such a simple idea can create a whole feel; very modern and new feeling. Enjoy

  7. Debbi@Texas says:

    And really I believe if someone doesn’t have something “nice” to say, don’t say it. Just because you can, don’t

  8. Love the new look its great!

  9. hubby was looking at this with me and said “look, she got rid of her husband!” lol! He cracks me up!

  10. One whole wall of my house is like outside brick and in the middle is fireplace. It is flat like the wall with an iron fire insert with doors. So ugly!! Do you have any suggestions on what I can do for it.. Thank you. Oh and it is the reddish/brown small bricks.

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