Lindsey + Hutch = Luv Foreva

I think I posted a white hutch makeover just a few days ago, but I don’t think you’ll mind seeing another one.  Unless you mind seeing honey-colored wood being painted over.  In that case, you probably mind much of what goes on on this blog.  Or, if you mind awesomeness.  In that case, I can’t help you.  Because Andrea’s hutch here is pure quality-grade awesome and I’d put it in my own home in a heartbeat.  I’d invite it for dinner and let it sleep in my bed, that’s how much I love it.   
Check out more on her blog Andrea + Chris + Our Chaos.

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  1. That is amazing! That had to have taken forever!

  2. Ahhh!! That’s MY hutch!! So excited. Thank you for the feature Lindsey, your intro had me laughing so hard 🙂

  3. @Shanna – IT DID. Enough said, right?! Lol. Thank you 🙂

  4. I’ve been meaning to ask…Do you have a personal blog? I adore your writing and wit and would love to hear your “voice” applied to everyday stuff.

  5. OMG this is beautiful!!!

  6. Oh yeah, that is a whole lot of awesomeness!!

  7. this may be an all-time fave of mine! so lovely.

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