Let’s go to the movies! Let’s go see the stars!

Going to the movies is usually a majorly disappointing experience for me, and here’s why:  For one, it’s freaking expensive.  If we take our family of five to the movies and share one popcorn, it’s around $50!  And then, you usually end up sitting next to someone who won’t turn off their phone, or a bunch of immature teenagers throwing candy at each other the whole time, or OHMYGOSH THAT PERSON IN THE SEAT BEHIND ME WHO PUT THEIR BARE FEET NEXT TO MY FACE FOR THE WHOLE MOVIE I AM STILL VOMITING IN MY NIGHTMARES. 
So, I can totally get behind the ‘home theater’ idea.  Laura at Top This, Top That recently updated hers to look less like a theater, with the black walls and gold fringed curtains, and more like a relaxing, homey home.  Home – that place where everybody knows your name, and the only bare feet touching you are your own.

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  1. EWWWWWWWWW @ the feet. I would have turned around and glared at the dude and said “SERIOUSLY??”

  2. omgosh that is so gross …..people have no manners and it really bothers me too. But this little makeover looks a lot better than before, for sure!

  3. Hey, my feet were freshly pedicured. I can’t believe you objected.

  4. I feel the same way about going to the movies there is always something distracting you. Now to the project WOW! that is a wonderful media room I will visit her site to see if she explained how to get the Ticket sign. -Monica

  5. Seriously, you can BUY at least a couple movies and tons of popcorn and pop for what it costs to take the whole family!

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