Laundry Envy

Sure, Karianne’s laundry room has a lot of things that my laundry room doesn’t have.  Like a big window overlooking a wooded meadow, for one.  A ruffly shower curtain hiding a functional shower.  Open shelving and fun accessories.  A washer and dryer that actually match.  But at least my laundry room is … um … upstairs.  So that’s a bonus.  I’ll try and console myself with that. Yeah.
See more of Karianne’s unfairly gorgeous laundry room on her blog Thistlewood Farms.


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  1. Hahaha! My favorite part are the boxes labeled “things” and “stuff” on that shelf on the shower wall.

  2. Good grief, man. That room is nicer than any room in my house!

  3. My laundry room thanks you from the bottom of it’s washer and dryer pedestals 🙂 You are such a rock star and this topped off the perfect day!

    Have a blessed and wonderful week!

  4. Wow, a perfect renovation on the laundry. I envy that, wish a I could do it too.

  5. What a difference!

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