Butter Off

Sure, Julia’s lamps wouldn’t win the Ugly Lamp Contest, but they weren’t going to win any beauty contests either.  They look like butter churners … very fancy butter churners.  Perfect for those formal butter churning occasions.  Or better yet, the perfect candidates for a little spray paintin’ and stripe gaining.  I just love the new look. Who knew there was such hipness to be had! 
See more on her blog Cuckoo 4 Design.

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  1. I have always painted lamps and this is a great one! Love them!

  2. Thank you so much for having me on your blog 🙂

  3. those shades are too small for those tall bases

  4. I am constantly on the hunt for lamps that can be fixed up. It’s so hard to find a pair!

  5. Oh my goodness! I’m pretty good at seeing a diamond in the rough, but never in a million years would have picked those! Way cool!

  6. Amazing! Who knew you could paint over that hideous glass/china?

  7. I really love your blog! This post was an inspiration for my old lamp redo and it turned out so cute, so thanks!!

    Faithful follower,



  1. […] I know that painting brass lamps (and these aren’t solid brass, lick here to see and updated post) isn’t a new idea but I have been looking all over craigslist for some nice shaped lamps to paint. So when I found these 7 brass lamps for $30, that’s a little over $4 a lamp, I was thrilled. (Click here to see another one of my painted lamp projects which was featured on Better After) […]

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