Boys, Boys, Boys

We don’t often get to see many manly makeovers.  Men are usually less concerned with mod-podging vintage sheet music inside their dresser drawers or finding the perfect shade of aqua to repaint the laundry room light fixture than we ladies are.  So let’s hear it for the boys today, because here are a few aimed their way:
Jeannie at Living, Loving, Crafting did some racing checks on this dresser top, which seemed like not that difficult of a task to achieve with painters tape … until I really thought about it.  Wowza. 

Meg at Never a Dull Day did up this table for her husband as a ‘Congrats on getting your BS!” present.  She used his favorite team’s logo as inspiration and gave it a weathered-old-sign kind of look.  Nailed it. (That’s an appropriately manly thing to say, right?

And finally, Amy at Queen Of The Crazies had some fun with this dresser for her son.  I’m pretty sure the drawers labeled “ammo” and “explosives” actually contain things like “underwear” and “jammies,” but his friends don’t have to know that.  I bet he loves it, I know my boys would!

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  1. Thanks for sharing my manly table Lindsey! Your right – nailed it is totally manly!! Love that army themed dresser!!

  2. the manly table is perefect! what boy wouldn’t go nuts for that dresser…

    I’m going nuts for those tee shirt extenders…never heard of them before…

  3. I love that last one! The guns, amo, etc one. Super manly and super awesome! What boy wouldn’t want an army-esque dresser? Way cool.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Oh, your posts always show me how creative we women can be! Those ‘manly’ pieces are fab! (I love those t-shirt extenders too!)

  6. Thanks for sharing my army dresser! I’m in such great company with all these “manly” pieces. Go Cards! Thanks again!

  7. Why all the hmmms? These are awesome! Just ’cause they’re not girly doesn’t mean they’re hmm-worthy. I really like the middle table, cool effect. My brothers would have LOVED that last dresser too when they were kids.

  8. Thanks for sharing my dresser! Super exciting to see it here 🙂

  9. My boys would have loooved that last one! Fun stuff,

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