A Funner Stunner

This is one of the funnest makeovers I’ve seen in a long time!  Oh man, when I typed the word ‘funnest’ just now, I was totally reminded of that HORRIBLE Chuck E. Cheese commercial that’s been playing lately: “It’s funner at Chuck E. Cheese’s!” Funner.  FUNNER. I know.  It’s not bad enough that Chuck E. Cheese is a vector of contagion in the physical sense, now it’s corrupting young MINDS!  Funner.  Sheesh.
Anyway, sorry about that grammar rant.  Let’s get cheerful instead with this gorgeous office/playroom makeover from Kara at Kara Paslay Designs.  It’s so happy! I think you could be paying your taxes in here and still be having fun.  But not funner.



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  1. WOW! What a big difference. I love the blue and orange together. Such a striking color combination. Great work!

  2. Yup, dumb words annoy me too but kids on cell phones will be the next generation to update the dictionaries…if they even know what they are!

    Love the changes in the room. May not be funner…but certainly a more stylish and happy looking room.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Grammar rant–1000% agreed. I turned the TV off. 🙂

  4. Totally agree. That commercial is awful! We even got something in the mail with it in print. SO wrong. The room is SO right, though! I’m already a fan of Kara’s. She does some cool stuff!

  5. An impressive re-do. I had to laugh at your doing-the-taxes statement. That says alot!

    Yeah, if you’re going to invent words, invent new words, instead of corrupting good, old words.

  6. so funny about the chuckie cheese comment! My 11 year made me rewind it because she couldn’t believe they were saying funner. You crack me up. Oh by the way the room looks more awesomer. Haha .

  7. Funnily enough it was funner looking at the dictionary and foundered that s%#tloads of words ya say are now rooly trooly in there! Cool. Gahh!!! (Seriously I am a grammar police person and the word ‘funnily’ is now in the dictionary! Gimme a break! How soon till ‘funner’ is too?

  8. Ah! That Chuck-E-Cheese commercial is driving me crazy too!!!

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