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Better After reader Raquel didn’t want to pay and arm and a leg for new dining room chairs.  Who would?  I can only imagine the bummer of a vibe that would cast around your dinner parties, if you were sitting there with only one arm and one leg, bitterly informing your guests that they could all thank your bloody stumps for being able to sit at all.  Urg, I think I just ruined my own appetite. 
No, let’s be sensible.  Raquel found these ornate old chairs on Kijiji for only $10 apiece and fixed them up nice and pretty.  Doesn’t the black and gold look so regal?  And I’m not just saying that because those were my high school colors.  Go Elks!  (That was our mascot, I’m not even joking.  Yes, plural and everything.  I know.)

Hey now, here’s another makeover in the dining department from Melissa at I Will Joy.  She found this mismatched set for $40 on Craigslist and updated it with a little paint and probably fabric, although I can’t tell from the pictures.  I’m sure whatever it is under there, it’s lovely.  The rest of it sure is.  I just can’t get enough of that soft aqua color lately. 

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  1. Hey Lindsey – I’m loving the aqua color too if I could only get the shade right.
    I hear ya with your “elks”, my high school teams were the “royals”.
    Hello! Since when do our buck-teethed sovereigns inspire physical prowess?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The chairs are fantastic. My husband’s got you both beat…his mascot was the Freeport “Pretzels”.

  3. Hmmm, I dunno – my HS mascot was the Hickman Kewpies! Yes, the smiling naked baby doll! Oh we were menacing, let me tell you….

  4. Great makeovers! I was just telling my husband last night that we need to makeover our dining set. Was delighted to see some inspiration when I logged on this morning!

  5. Beautiful! And too funny! My son and I were thinking of ideas for his tee ball team mascot the other day…he mentioned Elk, and made me wonder if that was actually anyone’s mascot…thanks for answering our question!

  6. love the chairs!! xo

  7. orange and black- Lancers!! 🙂

  8. These chairs look like they’re right out of a magazine! gorgeous!

  9. LOL…my high school’s biggest rival were the Elks…and looking at your about page, I think our Elks might be one in the same!

  10. Love the first chairs, especially the fabric!

  11. These are all so lovely! Love the light turquoise color on the dinning chairs 🙂 Great stuff!

  12. very lovely. I have everyone beat. one of our lovely state universities has the worst mascot ever. The Fighting Okra…

  13. Oh yay! The one with the aqua chairs belongs to my BFF! She is so talented! 🙂 Awesome feature!

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